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Ensuring children are happy and healthy


Today, Wednesday 27 August, the Children’s Society has published its annual Good Childhood report. The report says a quarter of a million UK children are unhappy and calls on the government to introduce a national measurement of wellbeing for children aged 11-18. 

Mental health is just as important as physical health – and should be treated as such. This government has made mental health a priority. On top of teaching pupils about mental health through the new health education curriculum, we will also be providing guidance to schools on the different tools available to schools to measure pupil wellbeing for different purposes.

In addition to this, we are providing training for all new teachers on how to spot the signs of mental health issues, backed up with statutory guidance to make clear schools’ responsibilities to protect children’s mental wellbeing.

A Government spokesperson said:

We want young people growing up in a modern Britain to feel confident tackling the challenges life throws at them. That is why we’re giving teachers the power to deal with bad behaviour and bullying in the classroom, investing billions every year in mental health support for young people, and providing quicker access to specialist treatment where needed. Through our new compulsory health education, pupils will be taught how to recognise the signs of poor mental health and how to stay safe online.

We’re also giving young people a voice on the issues they care about, such as the environment, climate change and crime or violence, through the Youth Charter currently in development.

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