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Epson continues mission to boost pupil learning and help teachers engage students at Bett 2019

Epson to showcase its comprehensive range of educational technology solutions at Bett 2019. Its cost-effective scanners, printers and projectors will create engaging and interactive learning environments

Epson is continuing in its mission to boost pupil learning and help teachers engage students. At Bett 2019, which takes place from 23rd-26th January, the global technology company will showcase tech that’s becoming fundamental to enhancing the educational experience. Its range of printers, projectors and scanners will help teachers and educational outlets boost pupil learning – whilst keeping costs down.

Technology that is inclusive

Screen size matters when it comes to education. A lot of classrooms are still using flat-panel displays, but these are often too small to give students optimum readability. Research shows that 58% of students can’t read content on a 70” flat panel – meaning that not all pupils benefit from the same learning experience.

This is where Epson’s audio-visual (AV) technology plays a crucial role: projectors can be used to display content on a scalable screen of up to 100″ in full HD quality. This ensures that all students get a perfect view, without losing image quality or needing constant zoom adjustment. Having the right-sized image for a room can make a huge difference to pupils’ levels of concentration, engagement and comprehension.

This projection technology can be supported by Epson’s ELPDC21 education document camera, which features both optical and digital zoom for clear magnification and enhances classroom learning.

Technology that brings learning to life

Schools constantly face the challenge of being able to effectively engage pupils throughout the day, and in-classroom AV technology set-ups can help with this. Inclusive and high-quality tech can create a collaborative learning experience – enabling teachers to engage a whole classroom of students, simultaneously, from their desks.

Epson will be showcasing its range of cost-effective interactive projectors at Bett, which can help teachers boost pupil engagement, improve their concentration levels and ultimately deliver a better learning experience. With 80 per cent of educational material remembered when delivered via visual means and 90 per cent through interactive lessons, projection technology that enables flexible presentation methods is becoming the bedrock of progressive learning.

Projectors, including Epson’s EB-2265U, EB710Ui and EB-990U, allow every student to be part of the learning process. Pupils can create, inspire and work together, with inbuilt WiFi capability enabling ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) collaboration in every learning environment.

Technology that keeps costs down

As schools across the country continue to face funding crises, technologies that help educational outlets save on their energy and consumables bills – whilst helping boost pupil engagement and learning – will be fundamental to the teaching process.

At Bett, Epson will be highlighting the benefits of its WorkForce and EcoTank printing ranges, which can help schools save on both energy output and consumables. WorkForce printers, like the Epson WF-M5799, WF-M5298 and the WF-C20590, offer energy savings of up to 90 per cent compared to laser models. Epson’s new mono EcoTank printers – including the ET-M2140save users an average of 90 per cent on ink costs, offering a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Technology that nails the basics

Technology and equipment that improves an educational outlet’s day-to-day processes is important for schools and academies to consider. Scanners like Epson’s DS-780N will help back offices capture and store pupil records efficiently and securely, whilst large-format printers like the Epson SureColor SC-T3400 are perfect for Art and Graphics departments, where detailed A3 printing is required on a daily basis.

Epson’s range of educational printers, projectors and scanners will help schools master the perfect AV set-up, whether that’s in a reception area, an auditorium, an office or a classroom, helping educational outlets keep costs down and pupil engagement up.

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