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Expert advice on returning to the workplace

Richard Thomas, Training and Development Manager at Skern Training & Skills

EXPERTS are sharing top tips and advice as we pre-empt some of the challenges we might face as we start returning to ‘normality’ – especially when it comes to the workplace.

The majority of us have spent the past year working from home, so the idea of eventually returning to the office could be daunting for some.

However, ahead of National Careers Week (March 1-6), Skern Training & Skills, which specialises in workplace training, is sharing tips and advice on how to help make a smooth transition.

Richard Thomas, Training and Development Manager at Skern Training & Skills, said:

“When lockdown eases and workforces start heading back into the office, there will be changes. These might be difficult for people transitioning from furlough or working from home, so the best way to start is to be positive and open-minded. Look at it as a unique opportunity to reset goals and set new challenges for the benefit of employees and ultimately the wider business. 

He added: “We are all living through challenging times, but now is a great time for people to give detailed thought about a return-to-work plan. How will you get to work? Will anything be different as you enter the building? Who will be there? Will you need to do things differently to get your job done? The better your preparation, the more able you’ll be to face whatever life brings your way.”

Likewise, think about how your new routine may look. If you’ve been increasing the amount of exercise you’ve been doing while at home, it’s important to try and keep it up. Make sure you still manage to get away from your desk during your lunchbreak to reap the benefits of being outdoors in the fresh air.

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