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FE News Unwrapped 2022: Who will win?

FE News Unwrapped

The Countdown has begun for FE News Unwrapped!

We thought we would try something new to celebrate our thought leaders and influencers on FE News..

This year alone, we have had over 450 exclusive articles from the sector’s top influencers and thought leaders on FE News… That is a lot! So we thought we would celebrate the top 10 most popular exclusive thought leadership articles with FE News Unwrapped.

We will be counting down every working day until we reveal the most popular / influential thought leadership article on FE News for 2022 on Wednesday 21st December… could it be you?

Scroll through the line-up to see who won…

Who are the Top 10 FE Influencers and Thought Leaders of 2022 on FE News?

Day One

Coming in at number 10 is Suzanne Slater from NCFE with: ‘Level 2 apprenticeships must be made more attractive to both learners and employers‘.

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Day Two

Coming in at number nine is John Loveday, Study Academy, Toppa, Stoic Events and Glider Yachts with: ‘Does physical health affect work and business?‘.

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Day 3

Coming in at number eight is Mandy Crawford-Lee, University Vocational Awards Council (UVAC) with: ‘A Review of the Apprenticeship Levy and How the Tax System Incentivises Employers to Invest in Training‘.

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Day 4

Coming in at number seven is Tristram Hooley, University of Derby with: ‘Five steps improve career guidance: An agenda for the Education Select Committee‘.

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Day 5

Coming in at number six is Chris Thomson, Education Consultant and former sixth form college principal, with ‘Ofsted is terribly bad for the quality of Further Education‘.

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Day 6

Coming in at number five is Louise Doyle, Mesma, with ‘The path to ‘Outstanding’? You won’t find it in the Ofsted framework‘.

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Day 7

Coming in at number four is Matt Hamnett and Matthew Atkinson, MH&A, with ‘Going public: The implications of college reclassification‘.

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Day 8

Coming in at number three is Anna Clarke, Milton Keynes College Group, with ‘The Apprenticeship Levy isn’t working‘.

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Day 9

Coming in at second is Kerry Linley, Rubitek, with ‘Change to off-the-job requirement removes barrier to apprenticeships‘.

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Day 10: The winner is revealed…

The winner of FE News Unwrapped 2022 is… Tom Bewick, Federation of Awarding Bodies & Skills World Live, with ‘What went wrong with the Apprenticeship Levy?’.

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