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Fife College gaming students to benefit from Ukie membership


Game development students at @FifeCollege will receive access to exclusive benefits after they were given membership to Ukie (@uk_ie), the UK trade body for the games industry.

The student memberships have been developed to bridge the gap between education and the gaming industry, and give those involved access to internships and graduate roles within the industry, along with CV portfolio workshops, and invites to exclusive events.

These include BAFTA games events, and the annual Ukie Game Jam event, where students gather to create a game from start to finish in just a day.

The College purchased the memberships to give students the best possible chance of going on to employment or further studying within the gaming industry.

In doing so Fife has become one of the first colleges in Scotland to provide memberships for their students. The College currently offers offer a variety of games related courses from NC 5 level all the way up to HND.

Each course offers a chance for students to skill up after leaving high school and to prepare for further study at University.

Sarah Herzog, Computing & Technologies Lecturer at Fife College, said:

“At Fife College we want our gaming students to have the best possible chance of progressing to a career in the industry.

“Although it’s rare for colleges to give their students memberships to Ukie, we felt the benefits that it provides could be vital to helping them get the opportunities and knowledge to further their careers.

“It allows them access to a host of internship and graduate opportunities, while also providing valuable insight into the sector and what you need to succeed in it.

“It’s just another benefit of coming to study gaming here at Fife College, and with a range of different qualifications we can offer a brilliant start to anyone looking to get involved in the industry.”

Harry Findlay, a computer games development student at Fife College said:

“Having access to the Ukie student programme is a huge benefit.

“The membership the College has given us allows to attend key industry events, and to gain access to really interesting insights into the industry as a whole.

“I suppose most importantly though it opens up chances to apply for internships and graduate roles in gaming.

“I want to go on to have a career in the gaming industry and opportunities like that will be really important for getting started in the sector.”

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