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Firefly Learning and Epraise join forces to offer schools a more comprehensive teaching and learning experience


Today Firefly Learning, the leading provider of education technology for learning continuity and parental engagement, announces its acquisition of Epraise and the continued expansion of its offering to schools. 

Epraise provides schools with a platform designed to motivate students, engage parents and save teachers time and is used by hundreds of schools in the UK and across the world. 

Simon Hay, co-founder and CEO of Firefly, said Epraise shared a common vision and values with Firefly and the development would allow Firefly to offer new and existing users “a comprehensive teaching and learning experience”.

He added: “This is a significant development for Firefly and a major step in accelerating our ambition to engage everyone in the learning conversation and reduce the number of separate systems schools need to do this.

“Joining forces with Epraise will allow us to share our knowledge, expertise and developments with each other and, where there is clear benefit for schools, combine our features and services. The past year has underlined how important it is that schools can access technology that is integrated and hassle free and we hope this will simplify things for many of our customers.”

Ben Dunford, founder and CEO of Epraise, said:

“By becoming one team we will be able to transform what we can offer schools and we are really eager to get started.

“Firefly Learning is a company we have long admired and with whom we have a lot in common – their story has many parallels to our own and more importantly they share our absolute dedication to improving education for all.”

The Epraise deal comes less than nine months after Firefly’s acquisition of home communications tool SchoolPost. The three companies share a deep knowledge of their audiences, Firefly having been developed by students, Epraise by teachers and SchoolPost by parents.  

Together Firefly and Epraise work with more than 850 schools in 40 countries reaching over 1.5 million students, teachers and parents. In the UK, Firefly is used by 70 of the top 100 independent schools.

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