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Free online CV maker ‘three times more likely’ to attract recruiters


A business growth agency, @grodotteam, has launched a free online CV maker, which it states leads to an average 300% higher contact rate from recruiters over traditional CVs.

GRO.TEAM has designed and tested their CV format using the latest conversion expertise and software. Completed CVs are search engine-friendly and hosted on the GRO.TEAM website, making it simpler for recruiters to find and directly contact candidates.

In addition, CVs are mobile phone-enabled and can be easily shared on all social media platforms.

The CV maker takes an average of five minutes to complete. It prioritises a career summary, peer recommendations and achievements, which GRO.TEAM states will help candidates stand out from those using traditional templates.

The CV maker is available for all candidates, regardless of experience and skills.

Rorie Devine from GRO.TEAM said:

“The job market is incredibly competitive at present, so we’ve designed our online CV to ensure it’s an eye-catching and effective piece of personal marketing that means candidates gain an advantage. The CV maker is designed to immediately encourage the reader to want to find out more about you.

“There’s an incredible amount of science, research and know-how that has gone in to the software but candidates don’t need to know about that. All they need to know is it works, it’s free and it’s easy, and our research indicates you’re 300% more likely to be directly contacted by recruiters once your CV is complete with us.”

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