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From Dating Disasters to Dream Jobs: Andrew Osayemi Writes Book to Help Young People get Jobs in Post-Pandemic Climate

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Multi-faceted entrepreneur Andrew Osayemi has written a book for graduates and young people to help them get their dream roles using humorous stories from his disastrous teenage love life. Covid-19 has taught us the power of relationships and the need for a more authentic approach to professionalism and with his book “How My Disastrous Teenage Love Life Will Get You An Internship”, Andrew explores a new way of finding work. Andrew is a Netflix TV show creator and co-producer of the highly popular sitcom, Meet the Adebanjos, an ex-financial markets trader and a graduate recruitment expert who has helped thousands of high-potential student get top internships and graduate jobs. He has worked as a graduate recruitment specialist for the award-winning graduate diversity recruitment firm, Rare Recruitment; working with global firms such as JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and more.

In “How My Disastrous Teenage Love Life Will Get You An Internship” Andrew shares practical, pragmatic and down-to-earth tactics and techniques that will help graduates and young people to get their foot inside the doors of their industries of choice for their first internships. He took the dating advice that one of his closest friends gave him to transform his relationship habits and soon realised that the same tactics that he used with dating could be incorporated into his career.

“When I got to university, I arrived knowing that my number one goal was to get a good corporate internship as this would increase my chances of getting a well-paid job by the time I graduate. But it was just like my disastrous teenage love life – at every interview I went for I was rejected, time after time. I remember pouring out my frustrations to my good friend who had taught me some of his dating techniques. He reminded me that using those same techniques to meet my dream girlfriend would also help me to get my dream job. I went from rejections to internships to a full time analyst job as a trader in the investment division of a major UK Bank. I also used these techniques to start up my TV production business when I left banking, which ultimately led to my creating a TV series, Meet the Adebanjos, that is now on Netflix.” – Andrew Osayemi

Andrew understands interviews and how to impress interviewers inside out, and hope that by sharing his secrets through relatable stories he will help get graduates their dream jobs. Andrew is embarking on a year-long tour of universities and colleges to spread his unconventional secrets and help as many students get their dream despite this pandemic.

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