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Genius School Announces Virtual Genius Camp Europe to Help Teens Discover Their True Genius

Roger James Hamilton

Genius School, a brand of @GeniusGroupLtd_, a Singapore-based public limited company, have announced Genius Camp Europe, a fun-packed, virtual event where teens will discover their true genius and natural pathway to success. Running from Saturday 13th – 15th February 2021, teenagers, aged 12 to 18, will spend three half days discovering their unique talents, passions and purpose.

The Genius Campers will identify their genius, recognise their unique talent dynamics for teens profile, connect with their passions and start to explore a purpose for their life. They are encouraged to think beyond what is taught in school and explore opportunities beyond traditional jobs. They look at what is possible as a leader, as an entrepreneur, and explore examples of social enterprise.

The trainers will share some amazing stories of young entrepreneurs who have been super successful, and how they have achieved their success. They’ll also share the secrets to their own success and any pain points to avoid. They will encourage the Genius Campers to establish their own goals for success.

The first-ever face-to-face Genius Camps have already happened in Bali, New Zealand, Thailand, United Kingdom and USA. Now they are going virtual.

These events were created in partnership with GeniusU, a world leading edtech platform, in response to the growing global demand to revolutionise education. GeniusU has a network of over 1.4 million students and entrepreneurs worldwide and is passionate about reimagining education and helping to develop our young people with increased leadership, entrepreneurial and emotional intelligence skills that will lead to their success in our global society.

The Genius Camp virtual event covers three key focus areas:

Show Up – This is the opportunity for the Genius Campers to learn about their path of least resistance to success in life, how they learn best and how to use those strengths to help them achieve their goals not only in school today, but also throughout their lives.

Step Up – We dive deeper into how our Genius Campers own who they show up as in the world and as leaders in their school and communities. We will teach them how to leverage the team around them through focusing on and valuing the genius in each other camper.

Give Back – We create an opportunity for the Genius Campers to work together to give back to their community in a meaningful way. We also share with the parents and caregivers what the Genius Campers have learned and how they can continue to support them through understanding their path of least resistance as a student and future leader.

“Our Genius Campers will walk away with the confidence of knowing who they are, how they can follow their flow and succeed in life, having had so much fun learning and growing all while making friends that will last a lifetime, while our families will walk away with a new language of communicating and a new way to support and get the best out of their children,” commented Roger James Hamilton, founder and CEO of Genius Group.

This three-day virtual Genius School Camp is taking place Saturday 13th – Monday 15th February 2021, from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm GMT each day (London time). 

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