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Grayrigg CE Primary School Transforms Teaching and Learning with help from Asus Chromebooks from C-Learning

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@C_learning_net – When the Covid 19 lockdowns first arrived with the pandemic, Head Teacher of Grayrigg CE Primary School (@GrayriggSchool) in Cumbria Kirsty Cooper said “During lockdown the @ASUS chromebooks became our best friends”. The need to deliver a seamless transition to untethered and agile learning experiences was critical and the Asus chromebook was the perfect device.

Kirsty said “We sent every child in KS2 and many in KS1 home with chromebooks and were able to deliver our lessons online. During the first lockdown, this was all new and we quickly learnt that the importance of using technology went way beyond posting lessons on Google classroom- the most important thing was connecting with the children, being available for drop in support at least daily via Google meets. We also started weekly quizzes, scavenger hunts, fancy dress, meeting our pets etc. The highlight had to be a police versus kids quiz for the oldest children (the children came out on top obviously). 

Kirsty explains that one of the key lessons from the pandemic when the children returned to the school setting was to keep the collaborative nature of online learning going. The children loved this, so the school took immediate action to enhance its online learning approach noting:

  • Connection and relationship was the best way to ensure children were engaged so sessions were delivered live enabling in the moment feedback- parents could also get on and work whilst the children were at school- we had 100% attendance at online lessons nearly every day. 
  • Children have missed working collaboratively with peers so in KS2 the school was able to use the Asus chromebooks to enable children to work in smaller groups and mimic the classroom with teachers and TAs hopping between these groups- the websites the children created for their continents work was outstanding with staff noting the above expected progress being made

Kirsty said “All teachers here agree, the classes we have taught through the pandemic will always have a special place in our hearts; the strength of the relationships between teachers and pupils have never been stronger and that would not have been possible without our chromebooks and the great support we’ve had from the team at C-learning so thank you so much.”

C-Learning Executive Chairman Jamie Smith said

“Hearing from Kirsty about the impact chromebooks can have in giving educators the freedom to teach in ways that make life easier and better for learning is just brilliant. During the pandemic educators have been faced with disruptive challenges like never before, and when life becomes disruptive the ability to adapt to the changing circumstances is critical. Chromebooks deliver this ability to live, work and learn in an untethered way and this do this whilst also being the most secure, durable and cost effective computing device available. We’re proud to say that at C-Learning we were the first company to bring chromebooks to educators in the UK, and whilst we certainly won’t be the last, we have unrivalled expertise in this area so if anyone would like to know more, contact our team. Finally congratulations to Kirsty again and everyone at Grayrigg CE Primary School for their outstanding work in transforming the life chances of the children at the school with trusted and impactful technology.”

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