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Highlights from ‘The Creative Collection’ at Kensington and Chelsea College

The Creative Collection’ at Kensington and Chelsea College

After six exciting weeks, ‘The Creative Collection’ has now come to an end at Kensington and Chelsea College. Students of the College showcased their work from Art, Design, Fashion and Photography during May-July.

One of the many great pieces of work presented at the shows was by Simone Bynoe, studying Art Foundation Level 4 at the College. When we asked her to describe her inspiration behind this painting, she said:

“Initially when I started the painting, the inspiration and motivation was Grenfell, the blackness of the burnt building. I have a lot of feelings about Grenfell that I did not know how to express. I really wanted to get that raw, gut emotion out on the canvas. Using the texture really helped me tap into my feelings. Also, I am connecting my painting to the complex emotions and feelings of people.”

Another fantastic example of innovation at these events was by Owen Snaith, studying Fashion Level 3 at Kensington and Chelsea College. When discussing the motivation behind his final piece, he said:

“Throughout all my work there is an underlying theme of my Scottish heritage. This project is about young creators and poverty in Scotland. I looked at the Scottish Referendum and why people wanted independence.

“I also started looking at poverty in the 70s and 80s that caused a lot of anger towards the border between England and Scotland. I have done a project about my Grandad, who is a fisherman, and women making textiles in the Hebrides.”

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