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Improved mental health, physical wellbeing, creativity and job satisfaction are just a few of the benefits that come from a healthy work-life balance.

With a quarter of Brits working more than 40 hours a week, and research showing 59% admitting their work negatively impacts their day-to-day life, creating the perfect work-life balance is becoming has long since been at the forefront of people’s minds.

Recent research found that in 2017 a third of Brits didn’t use up their allocated annual leave, losing an average of four days each.

In light of this, and Mental Health Awareness Week, Instant Offices have highlighted the key reasons why managers should encourage people to take annual leave.

Reasons Why You May Not Take Time Off

The fear of falling behind, worry about work not being covered or guilt of having to hand extra work to colleagues are just a few of the reasons why people don’t take time off.

In 2018, research from Glassdoor revealed 2 in 5 employees took only half of their holiday entitlement; of those who did 23% regularly checked their emails and 15% continued working through fear of getting behind.

Boost Creativity and Productivity

Taking time off from work can help reduce ill-health and absenteeism, and ultimately help improve productivity in the workplace. ‘Switching off’ allows the time to reset attention span, enhance all-round happiness and renew creative focus.

Avoiding Burnout

44% of stress and depression at work is caused by a high workload, which is also a contributing factor to career burnout – something that 23% of full-time employees admit to feeling.

Exhaustion, disengagement and blunted emotions are all signs that an employee may be suffering from burnout and in need of some time away from work. Taking strategic and regular breaks is just one of the simplest ways to avoid this, and also allows focus on physical and mental health.

How to Utilise Bank Holidays to Strategically Book Annual Leave 


May/June – Late May Bank Holiday

Take a 9-day holiday by booking 4 days off

(25 May – 2 June)


Take a 9-day holiday by booking 4 days off

(24 Aug – 1 Sept)

December 2019 – January 2020

Take a 16-day holiday by booking 7 days off

(21 Dec – 5 Jan)

Easter 2020

Take a 16-day holiday by booking 8 days off

(4 Apr – 19 Apr)

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