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Havant & South Downs College presents project-based learning to Hong Kong teachers

@Be_HSDC has been funded to work with vocational teachers in Hong Kong to develop their digital collaborative approach to project-based learning. On Friday 25 September, HSDC Teaching and Learning Coaches Dom Thompson and Martin Hoskin took the first step in the project by hosting a live webinar to over 100 lecturers in Hong Kong to discuss how HSDC teachers make assignments real for students, encourage innovation and teamwork and use Google to enable this to be done online if and when necessary. 

Project-based learning seeks to enable students to solve real-world problems in a creative and innovative way and further develop the reflective and problem-solving skills that are so essential in today’s society. This project, funded by the British Council, aims to build on the work the Vocational Technical College has done to embed project-based learning in vocational education and enable a deeper understanding of how digital solutions, such as Google for Education, can assist in collaboration and problem-solving.  

Dom, who is also HSDC’s Higher Education Manager, is leading on the project,

“This is such an exciting opportunity to share the work the College does with Google to an international audience. There is great scope here to forge a new and prosperous relationship with teachers in Hong Kong.  

“Working with the British Council is quite new to me, but the opportunities for collaboration and sharing of good practice are huge. The webinar was good fun and hopefully this is just the start of a long and fruitful partnership. 

“The next webinar will be in January and, bearing in mind the current situation with the pandemic, it is hoped that we will be able to deliver face to face sharing of good practice sometime in the new year.” 

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