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In the ever-evolving landscape of education, where teachers grapple with the challenges of assessments and interventions, Twinkl is reshaping the way educators approach student development with innovative Twinkl Study Squad workbooks. These workbooks are the ultimate revision toolkit, designed to empower teachers and boost pupil confidence.

In November, formative and summative assessments within schools will be subjected to rigorous analysis by School Leadership Teams (SLT). This data not only informs interventions but also plays a pivotal role in lesson planning and student reports. The aim is to identify students falling below target grades promptly, allowing for targeted interventions that extend beyond the classroom and into the realm of at-home help and guidance. Twinkl Study Squad workbooks are crafted to address the stressors faced by teachers, offering a holistic solution that supports both educators and students.

Bridging Learning Gaps: The Twinkl Study Squad Advantage

The 2022/2023 statistic revealing that only 59% of Year 6 children attained the Expected Standard or above in reading, writing, and maths combined highlights the pressing need for effective learning resources. Twinkl Study Squad workbooks rise to the occasion, offering curriculum-aligned bite-sized revision that reinforces classroom learning. These workbooks go beyond conventional methods, incorporating QR codes linking to curriculum-aligned concept videos, Twinkl Go! games, SATs-style practice questions, mindfulness activities, and more. Crafted by teachers, for all educators, parents and carers, these resources are designed to save time and provide a comprehensive revision experience that strengthens the foundation laid in any learning environment.

In an era where assessments often overshadow the broader aspects of student development, Twinkl emphasises a holistic approach. The ICAPE report advocates for assessment that provides a complete picture of pupils’ achievements, encompassing creative thinking and collaboration. Twinkl Study Squad workbooks align with this philosophy, ensuring a well-rounded approach to student development that extends beyond the confines of standardised testing.

A Win-Win Solution

Acknowledging the financial constraints faced by schools, Twinkl is taking the step to help by offering exclusive discounts on orders of their Twinkl Study Squad workbooks for school customers. Schools can then sell these workbooks to parents and carers, creating a win-win situation. This initiative not only supports pupils in their educational journey but also aids school finances, providing a sustainable solution that benefits all stakeholders.

“By purchasing workbooks from their school, parents and carers can feel at ease, knowing their child is receiving the support they need,” assures Sioned Beamer, Head of Product at Twinkl.

Trusted by Schools, Perfect for Home: A Comprehensive Support System

Twinkl Study Squad workbooks transcend their role as classroom resources; they become valuable tools for parents supporting their child’s SATs journey. With the assurance of being teacher-created and school-trusted, these workbooks provide a comprehensive revision experience that strengthens classroom learning and builds confidence. In a world where educational support is crucial, Twinkl stands at the forefront, providing schools with the tools needed to empower educators and boost pupil confidence. It’s about creating a supportive ecosystem that fosters confident learners ready to take on the challenges of the future. 

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