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Installation of Renewable Technologies Training Hub: Greater Manchester College Addresses Green Skills

Installation of Renewable Technologies Training Hub: Greater Manchester College Addresses Green Skills

Quantum have been able to support Greater Manchester’s targets to reach net zero by as early as 2038 by installing hands-on learning bays in ‘green technologies’ at Stockport College, part of The Trafford College Group.

These renewable facilities enable students at Stockport College to practically learn about renewable technologies through interactive and immersive training. Students have the opportunity, within the ‘Green Technologies Hub’, to learn skills on working systems linked to air source heat pump, solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, and other electrical technologies, such as electrical vehicle charging and battery storage. Experiences in the bays, aim to develop knowledge in these vital areas whilst addressing the need to establish a pathway to green careers in industry.

By plugging this skills gap for the future of green careers, Stockport’s ’Green Technologies Hub’ can support students in gaining real experiences and skills using facilities mirroring those they will face in their own job.  Stewart Quayle, the Construction and Building Services Lead from Stockport College, has spoken about the bays and how as a college they are ‘staying at the cutting edge for new high demand industry skills.’ He further notes: “We have been advised and informed by the Quantum group, whose staff have been supportive and knowledgeable, on the future requirements for industry, from ground and air source to electric car ports and solar thermal they have given us a fully installed product in a timely and effective way that will enable us to expand our curriculum offer and meet the needs of Greater Manchester and wider employers.”

Additionally, he stated that “We can now offer the ‘Low Carbon Heating Technician’ apprenticeship standard and a range of bolt-on courses, and up-skilling qualifications required by industry. Quantum have also developed a qualification assured by City and Guilds for study programmes at Level 2 and they support delivery by providing staff CPD. An excellent investment in future skills and technology.”

Quantum have been supporting the national need to up-skill and educate learners in green construction skills by providing these renewable training facilities that go hand-in-hand with the Quantum courses. The main aim is to create opportunities linked to sustainability for the learners within their future educational choices. Learners ranging from FE college 16 – 18 students, to adults 19+ looking to diversify in trade and college lecturers, can acquire the necessary skills within an immersive learning experience and truly understand how the benefits of renewable energy are pivotal in reaching net zero targets. Providing such learning opportunities will ensure that all climate conscious learners make choices that influence the pathway to a sustainable future by having the option to start this route at their college.

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