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International officials attend 157 Group publication launch

College officials from across the world joined David Willets, Minister of State for Universities and Science, as the 157 Group published its 2009-10 impact review.

Members of the RC-2020 – a non profit association of community colleges in the UK, America, Canada and Australia – joined Mr Willets for the announcement during an annual reception at the House of Commons.

“Our impact review describes our achievements over the past year and the extent to which we have met the aims we set out in our strategic plan,” said Lynne Sedgmore, executive director of the 157 Group.

“At a time when our sector and the country are facing extraordinary challenges, it is essential that we continue to play an influential role in ensuring that further education is valued for its significant contribution to the economy and to society.”

The impact review was published alongside a set of materials that highlight the value of its member colleges’ international work.

The materials included a paper entitled Colleges’ International Contribution; six case studies examining colleges’ international work; and a collection of stories about eight learners studying at 157 Group FE colleges around the world.

Dr Rufus Glasper, president of RC-2020 and chancellor at Maricopa Community College District in the US, said: “It’s a fabulous privilege to be here and have the opportunity to share innovation and best practices with the 157 Group. We recognise that these are challenging times for all these countries to become more effective and efficient, while at the same time being asked to be more productive.”

Mark Astley

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