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International student Melany is flying through university on her Aviation course

Former Business and Accounting student Melany Montiero Moniz, praised the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London (CONEL) by saying “attending really did equip me with the skills, knowledge and grades to get onto my highly competitive course.”

Coming to London from Portugal three years ago was a big move, but CONEL helped Melany settle in with tons of support, friendly faces and expert tuition.

During her time at CONEL, Melany won The Business Excellence Award 2018 and participated in the BIG IDEA 2018 challenge, run by London Metropolitan University, where she now studies.

She has now progressed onto the course of her dreams, Aviation Management at London Metropolitan University. Melany is quite simply flying through life.

Melany told us, “My university course involves business strategy and the organisation behind airports, planes and cargo. CONEL helped me to get onto that course; it’s a college that gets you ready for university. I needed communication skills, analytical skills, skills to interact with people. Now I can link so much back to my course and I can see how much CONEL has helped me, it gave me the background I needed and it enabled me to support my ideas at uni.

“During my course our teachers were always telling us the due dates of work to be handed in, reminding us to check the standards of the work, encouraging us to do the best we could. When I moved to England, my English was not so great, and neither was my writing, but I coped really well and my teachers could see how much I’d improved. That’s down to them telling me to always proofread my work, improve this and that, and I always followed their advice.

“I think my relationship with my teachers was something special. My first year I’d just moved to the UK and I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t have friends. When I started my course, the tutors were really supportive, they explained everything. I cried when I left. I made life-long friends at college. Even the security people, receptionists and the cleaners were all so friendly, we always said hi to each other. I love CONEL and it was a part of my life I’ll never forget.”

As Melany has shown, studying here at CONEL can open any number of doors for you. Here are some of the job titles and annual wages you could expect to secure after studying Business and Accounting at CONEL:

Accountants: £44,720
Book-keeper/Payroll administrator- £28,600
Chartered and certified accountants – £44,720
Financial accounts manager £45,760
Sales accounts and business development managers – £52,000
Local Government administrative occupations: £27,040
Bank and post office clerk: £26,000
Personal Assistant: £29,640

Business is such a broad subject. Studying it will not only cover all you need to know about the commercial world of business and administration but will also give you the transferable skills required by almost every industry. This is a particularly good subject to consider if you are uncertain of what you want to do in the future, but want to pick up some key employability skills.

There are currently 394,651 jobs in the accounting industry with an average salary of £38,286 per annum. Between 2015 and 2020 the industry is expected to grow 9.2% creating a further 34,574 jobs. So, for those looking to get into a career in accounting, now is a great time to come to CONEL to get the skills you need to succeed.

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