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Leeds Aims to Become Super-Hub City for UK Business Growth

Property Development Group Parklane, are putting their investments into improving Leeds commercial/retail scene, with their continued plans for Wellington Streets new development INC but how can young apprentices look to this development as a way of attaining work?

Parklane’s INC are planning a 33-storey development at Wellington Street, Leeds City Centre. The new development will bring local businesses an opportunity to thrive with a new flux of visitors travelling to see promised aparthotels, apartments, retail space and dual-living community spaces. The new development in Leeds will also include a new bar and restaurant and a proposed swimming pool, which Leeds currently hasn’t enough of.

Career Opportunities

The new development will be expecting to bring new career opportunities for both young and old employees searching for new work. The special INC design and project is targeting people from a variety of different backgrounds, however their premise and focus on young professionals and apprentices is encouraging for local talent within the area. Local SMEs should feel encouraged that new developments are being planned for Leeds and with property so desirable for young professionals in the area of Leeds, a fresh new scheme will undoubtedly attract more business and a desire to spend.


BDP, the highly respected architects behind this new development, are supplying young contractors an exciting opportunity to get stuck into a new and existing project for Leeds. Having previously ran apprenticeships for young workers, BDP’s talent will now be in a position to plan such a design having had previous opportunities to train. Local apprenticeships in Leeds could be on the rise following such a proposed plan and there is always continued support from Leeds City Council on how young people can explore new apprenticeship schemes.

Construction Development

The Parklane Group, known for just some their iconic brands such as, Parklane Properties, Roomzzz and IconInc have listed this project at around £160M. With a plan in place to construct such a development, young construction workers will have an opportunity to build on their CV when it comes to the construction of the building. In regards to other surrounding developments, Wellington Street is continually showing signs of business growth with interest from investors both nationally and regionally, supporting the growth of the city.

Industry Specific

Young apprentices might find themselves stuck with what industry to explore when it comes to attaining experience and gaining qualifications. In a world where technology, innovation and speed are at the forefront of business owners mind’s, choosing the right industry, the right place to live, and managing your budgets, can help put you on a platform to success. Below are a couple of helping points as to what Leeds Industries offer:

Property Letting Agents

There are thousands of letting agencies in the UK but in Leeds specifically, there are often opportunities for young apprentices to begin exploring life as an estate agent consultant. The property industry provides young people with a huge opportunity to not only learn about property development and managing budgets, but the chance to meet the people of Leeds who are looking to rent/buy a property. With many up and coming areas in Leeds City Centre and its surrounding areas, property letting apprenticeships are a good place to start.

Retail Sector

The Parklane Group are an example of a planned development which will bring new opportunities for apprenticeships in Leeds. The retail sector is one of the most popular sectors for young people starting out but what better way to develop interpersonal skills than face to face customer service skills? Companies such as Monsoon and retailers based in Leeds Trinity Centre, Victoria Leeds and the White Rose Centre frequently put schemes out online.

Apprenticeships in Leeds can often be a way of attaining a degree as well as further qualifications and this helpful article debates such matters. If you’re a young professional based outside of Leeds and looking to move closer to the area, then it’s worth considering saving money on commuting with several low cost living areas near to the city, to help support your new apprenticeship programme.

For further information on areas to rent before enrolling into an apprentice scheme see Parklane Group’s Property website at Parklane Properties.

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