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LIBF expands online learning offering with Brightspace



LIBF (@StudyLIBF) chooses the Brightspace platform to expand its online learning offering for financial services professionals

  Enhanced learning analytics and mobile accessibility to be added to all LIBF’s courses to enhance blended learning model

D2L, a global learning technology leader, today announced that The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF) has selected Brightspace as its new learning platform to provide and expand its online learning and development services for financial services professionals.

With more than 140 years of experience as an awarding body for professional qualifications, degrees in finance and GCSE and A Level-equivalent qualifications , LIBF has of course evolved its learning materials over time. However, the adoption of Brightspace marks a significant step for the services it can offer to students.

Since 2018, LIBF has sought an EdTech partner to help expand its online learning offering. Fundamental to the success of this change was to improve the student experience, both in terms of the presentation of learning content but also to enable better progress reporting and management information. Beyond that, LIBF’s goals have been to include more multimedia elements as well as support for a range of devices to enable learners to consume course materials any time and anywhere. LIBF also needed a future-proof platform that could expand to include other learning options, including gamification and personalised learning pathways.

LIBF conducted an in-depth analysis of the learning technology market, reviewing a number of EdTech companies and their respective platforms, speaking to customers and requesting numerous demos to choose the company and platform that best suited their needs.

In October 2020 LIBF chose Brightspace against its competitors, with the platform’s user experience and robust analytics that help track performance and student engagement being crucial features for the decision.

LIBF plans to migrate all of its courses to Brightspace over the next 12-24 months and over time take advantage of its robust features to integrate more rich content, create personalised learning paths, and add enhanced features into its courses.

Linden Muirhead, Director of Learning Provision at The London Institute of Banking & Finance, says:

“We’re committed to delivering the best online learning experience possible by developing our digital approaches and ensuring the platforms we use really enhance the student experience.

“Brightspace is an award-winning platform, which provides any time, anywhere and any device access to learning. For our students that means they have access to engaging and interactive materials on any platform they choose, to support them in their studies. For LIBF it means we can make sure the learning experience is as effective as it can be. Brightspace also helps us to gather more data about student interaction and performance to help us develop our content and student experiences even further for the future.

Alan Hiddleston, Director of Corporate Learning EMEA, D2L says:

“The team at LIBF is incredibly knowledgeable. They picked us and our competitors apart in their in-depth review process, so we’re of course really honoured and excited that they saw the merits of Brightspace. The opportunity to partner with such an established professional body is a big win, and we’re looking forward to working with the LIBF team as they migrate and adapt their courses to take advantage of Brightspace’s features.”

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