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Lloyds Banking Group banking on the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance after becoming the latest patron

Lloyds Banking Group banking on the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance after becoming the latest patron.

Lloyds Banking Group have become a patron of the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance. The alliance aims to promote social mobility, equality, diversity, inclusion, and equity in apprenticeships. Lloyds Banking Group’s partnership with the alliance signifies their commitment to creating a more sustainable and inclusive future for people – shaping finance as a force for good.  

Lloyds Banking Group will work with The Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance and other esteemed patrons to promote equality, diversity and inclusion, equity of opportunity and social mobility through their apprenticeship opportunities to increase the diversity of their workforce and attract the best talent.

Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) is a financial services company focused on retail and commercial customers with 26 million customers and a presence in nearly every community.
Our purpose is Helping Britain Prosper. We are supporting the creation of a future where our planet is cared for, people feel safe and included, where businesses and communities can thrive.
At LBG we’ve been delivering Apprenticeships for 10 years and have offered over 10,000 places to new and existing colleagues.  We embed sustainability and inclusivity into our policies, processes and training including into our Apprenticeship Programmes.

Formed in 2017, originally as the ‘BAME’ Apprenticeship Alliance, The Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance strives to promote social mobility, diversity, inclusion and equity in apprenticeships through three pillars:

  • Educate – organisations on building a diverse workforce
  • Engage – with the Multicultural community
  • Advocacy & Policy –  working with sector leaders to influence policy

Kathryn Marshall, Senior Apprenticeship Manager at Lloyds Banking Group says

“We’re proud to be a patron of the Multicutural Apprenticeship Alliance making a positive difference in marginalized communities and supporting individuals in their journey towards meaningful employment. This partnership further strengthens our commitment to investing in an organisation where our Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic colleagues feel included, valued, and able to realise their full potential. In 2018, we were the first FTSE 100 company to set public goals for representationand since then have continued focus on delivering our Race Action Plan”

Kathryn Marshall MAA Roundtable

Jagdeep Soor, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Pathway Group said

“The Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance is delighted to have Lloyds Banking Group as a patron. Lloyds Banking Group’s support and partnership with the alliance further strengthens their commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equality in apprenticeships. The alliance welcomes Lloyds Banking Group’s contribution towards creating opportunities for underrepresented communities and fostering meaningful positive impact for individuals.”

Safaraz Ali, the CEO of the Pathway Group and founder of Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance, expresses his delight at Lloyds Banking Group becoming a patron of the alliance. He appreciates Lloyds Banking Group’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in apprenticeships and acknowledges the positive impact their support will have on marginalized communities. Safaraz Ali said

“ I am looking forward to working closely with Lloyds Banking Group to create more opportunities and drive meaningful change in the apprenticeship landscape. I would also like to thank Lloyds Banking Group for supporting our other multicultural initiatives such as The Festival of Apprenticeships and The Multicultural Apprenticeship Awards.”

Safaraz Ali, the CEO of the Pathway Group and founder of Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance.

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