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LSC Lancashire Shows Local Employers How To Profit From Skills

The Learning and Skills Council (LSC) Lancashire and the Workplace Basic Skills Council of Lancaster University have showing employers across the county how they can profit from skills through the Employer Training Pilot (ETP).

“For companies employing 51-100 employees, the cost of poor literacy and numeracy skills is estimated at £108,000 per year. By improving the skills of the workforce, businesses can benefit through increased productivity, improvements in quality of work, reduced error rates and improved confidence and morale. I would urge all Lancashire based employers to consider the significant benefits the ETP can bring to their businesses,” said Dave Cresswell, Director of Skills at the LSC Lancashire.

Funded and co-ordinated by LSC in Lancashire and delivery supported by Business Link Lancashire, the target group for the Employer Training Pilot is low skilled workers over the age of 25.The ETP aims to drive up workforce skills by offering heavily subsidised training for businesses across Lancashire at NVQ level 2 and providing employers with a valuable financial contribution towards the costs of staff whilst training. The programme benefits local employers by improving their business performance, offering staff relevant, job-related training as well as boosting numeracy and literacy skills in the workplace.

Many Lancashire employers have already seen a range of business benefits through the ETP and the event provided an opportunity for organisations to hear from these employers on their own experience of ETP and attend workshops to help identify how improving the essential skills of their workforce could help their organisation.

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