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MAC report recognises significant economic benefits international students bring to UK

The CBI has responded the Migration Advisory Committee’s report on the economic and social impacts of international students.

Matthew Percival, CBI Head of Employment, said:

“This report rightly recognises the significant economic benefits international students bring to the UK. Their contribution boosts growth across UK regions and nations and supports the sustainability of our higher education system.

“Their social and cultural input is equally important, fostering a global perspective amongst students studying in the UK, helping businesses and society become more diverse and increasing our soft power around the globe.

“Making it easier to switch to work visas after their studies will help the UK to increase its market share of international students amid fierce competition.

“And business agrees with the report that removing international students from the net migration target is no panacea – the target should be scrapped altogether and replaced with a system that prioritises people’s contribution.

“To maintain the UK’s world-leading position as a provider of higher education – a truly great British export – it’s vital this useful evidence is reflected in a post-Brexit immigration system that balances openness with control.”


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