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Management Dashboard pilot for the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform underway

Vikki Liogier, Head of Learning Technologies, Education and Training Foundation

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) is piloting a new Management Dashboard for its Enhance Digital Learning Platform with 14 providers across Britain. The pilot aims to help learning providers in the Further Education (FE) and Training sector to support staff in adopting educational technology.

The ETF’s Enhance Digital Teaching Platform, funded by the Department for Education,  provides online, bite-size training in different aspects of educational technology for teachers, trainers and assessors. Through the new Management Dashboard, the online platform will also give learning providers an overview on:

  • how many staff are using the learning platform
  • how staff are using the platform
  • which modules are being used
  • which digital badges are being earned through completion of modules.

The Management Dashboard has been developed to help learning providers support staff as part of a professional development strategy. For providers seeking to embed the use of technology in training, teaching and assessment as part of a digital strategy and workforce development plan, it offers a means of coordinating effort and providing a strategic view on progress.

Vikki Liogier, ETF’s Head of Learning Technologies, said:

“The Enhance Digital Teaching Platform Management Dashboard is designed to strengthen education institutions’ staff development support framework with EdTech. It aims to give providers the information to support staff in using technology in their practice.

“We are thankful to the organisations who have joined the Management Dashboard pilot. With their feedback and guidance, we can ensure the facility will meet the needs of the sector and promote a smoother and more effective EdTech capability roll-out within every organisation.”

The dashboard is being piloted by 14 institutions across England, Scotland and Wales:

  • Bangor Campus
  • Birmingham Metropolitan College
  • City of Wolverhampton College
  • Forth Valley College
  • Highlands College
  • LTE Group
  • MidKent College
  • Morley College
  • New City College
  • Novus
  • South Essex College
  • Totton College
  • Waltham Forest College
  • Weston College of Further and Higher Education

Darren Kirwin, Head of Quality at Waltham Forest College, said:

“I think the management dashboard is a great idea. We’ve asked all of our staff at Waltham Forest College to use the Enhance modules because we want to achieve a level playing field where everyone understands how technology can enhance teaching and training. The dashboard will give us the opportunity to see which teams are engaging with it and which teams need more support and development, so we can assign our digital champions, our eLearning co-ordinators, to those areas.”

Ongoing development of the Management Dashboard will reflect feedback from the pilot providers. Plans are already in place to feature mappings to the ETF’s Digital Teaching Professional Framework, which underpins the online training platform and sets out a structure for digital skills development. The dashboard will then allow providers to map development against the structure of the competency framework. 

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