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Meet the First Winners of Oxbridge’s February Scholarships


Following on from their successful summer scholarship campaign and their free JobReady pack, Oxbridge have announced that they’ll be going even further in their commitment to help students who have been affected by the pandemic. This February, 10 more lucky students will be given their courses 100% free of charge.

Any student who enrols in a course with the multi award-winning distance learning college during February 2021 is eligible to win a scholarship, offering them the opportunity to upskill, retrain or find a new passion at no cost to them.

For students who do not win a scholarship, Oxbridge are still offering to fund 10% of any course with the code funding10.

So far, five winners have been announced. Many of these winners were happy to share their stories, to inspire others to take the plunge and change their lives through online learning.

Speaking of the scholarship, Head of Marketing Riman Verma said,

“We’re thrilled to offer the Oxbridge scholarship and give a nice surprise to those who are working on their lifelong learning journey. 

Education is a reward in itself, however, in offering 10 further scholarships we hope to drive more people to take the leap to start their new business, excel in their career, or take the first step towards a new role”.

Gemma North, actress

My decision to start a psychology course with Oxbridge was fuelled from an innate interest in how the mind works and particularly the workings of emotion. I am an actress (The A Word, Peaky Blinders, Ackley Bridge) and so conveying emotion, understanding objectives, and what drives individuals to do what they do is essentially what my work is all about. 

The scholarship with Oxbridge is hugely appreciated as obviously my acting work and teaching work has taken quite a hit during the pandemic.” 

“I also run a theatre school for 3-17 year olds in Levenshulme, Manchester called Levy Little Theatre, as I strongly believe that children should have access to drama from as young an age as possible as it helps with interactive play, imagination and confidence. 

Of course, we have not been able to meet in-person now for quite some time due the pandemic. We have taken all of our classes online but the interaction and chemistry of live play is obviously not as great. More and more, I am seeing tired faces as children of all school ages have had to stare at a screen for much of the day doing their allocated homeschooling. They are not able to do what they do best – interact, experiment and socialise. They are not able to hone their communication skills and, most importantly, are not able to learn from others and their behaviours. This really worries me, so I wanted to make children’s mental health a priority of mine when returning to my in-person classes at Levy Little Theatre.”

“Therefore, my aim is that once I have finished my Psychology Level 3 course with Oxbridge I will then go on to study their Children’s Psychology course  to give me the best grounding in being able to filter in mental wellbeing with the drama work that I already do. 

I am really excited to get started on the Psychology Level 3 course but to have been awarded this scholarship is amazing.”

Carrie Marshall, aspiring life coach

“I was very keen to pursue a new career in something I am passionate about, however, going back into a learning environment can be intimidating when you’re working. 

I’m in a period of my life where investing in myself is hugely important to attain my goals of becoming a life coach, and when I came across Oxbridge it very quickly felt like it would be a great fit and the accreditation that their courses provide was a major factor in deciding to study with them.”

“Receiving a scholarship was the icing on the cake! It truly felt incredible, I was completely shocked to have won, and the fact I get to study a course I am so passionate about for free is something I never even considered possible. 

I cannot wait to put my qualification into practice and work with my own clients in future to help them achieve their goals, just as Oxbridge is helping me achieve mine!”

Megan Clanfield, mental healthcare assistant

“I’m 21 years old and I’m currently working as a care assistant in a mental health care home. I have been working throughout these horrible Covid times and it has been really, really tough, but I’m hoping to study criminology and law at university to help towards my future career goals. 

Hearing that I can now study for free has really cheered me up, so thank you so much to Oxbridge!”

Niall Porter, psychology student

“I am currently studying psychology, but I’m looking to branch out and gain even more experience in the field, as I hope to study neuropsychology and consciousness in the future. 

My grandma passed away recently, so winning this scholarship was definitely a very pleasant and well-received surprise after such a difficult time. 

As an added bonus, I actually asked for the course as a birthday present from my father so now that I have received it for free I’m going to get a second course as an additional present!

A huge thank you to Oxbridge!”

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