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Coventry College Student recipe book inspired by memories of home countries

Students @CoventryCollege have created a recipe book inspired by memories of their home countries.

Level 1 ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) students, aged 16-19, have been working on the project in support of Coventry Welcomes 2021, which recently took place at the same time as the national Refugee Week initiative.

The book includes a wide range of recipes from around the world.

Rizma Moti, ESOL teacher at Coventry College, said: “As part of the project students have been talking about dishes they have memories of from back home and that they remember their country by.

“They have remembered the dishes they have grown up with, recipes that have been tried and tested and passed down the generations.

“These have included some quite sad memories for some of the students, such as those who have had to flee their countries, but they have been willing to share their experiences.

“Some of the students have turned the recipe into a presentation and made a video.

“We are also using the pictures to create a digital exhibition with an audio recording.”

Work created as part of the project will be displayed in the North building of the college and it is hoped that the recipe book could be published.

The Coventry Welcomes event took place from June 14 to June 20, exploring the lives of those seeking sanctuary and those who have welcomed them through the generations.

Coventry College’s ESOL programme provision caters for learners from all corners of the globe who want to learn English as a second language.

Dan Howe, who runs the ESOL programme at Coventry College, said: “Students have been working extremely hard on this project and the results are simply stunning.

“The recipe book includes a wide variety of dishes, each with their own story.

“It has been wonderful to see students working together and sharing their experiences as part of the initiative.”

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