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#BehindTheMask at Exeter College

This year we are proud to introduce WHAM; our wellbeing service at Exeter College. With a strong focus on Wellbeing Health Activity and Motivation across the college, we hope to widen accessibility to essential wellbeing information and equip students with skills to boost their emotional resilience.

WHAM information and advice is designed to help our learners succeed and our team are available in Greystone House to support learners during term time.

Learners with health or wellbeing needs are encouraged to visit the team to ensure they receive appropriate help or consideration at college. They can also access a whole host of information on the student portal or our website.

Watch out for our upcoming promotion of World Mental Health Day 2018 where we will be encouraging our learners to share what’s #BehindTheMask in an attempt to get our young people talking about how they’re really feeling.

If you want to know more about what support is available outside of college then there are some useful links here.

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