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Mitre Group | Helping The Rams unleash their staff’s potential

How do you begin to unleash the full potential of a member of staff and turn them into a real asset for your Club? How do you help all staff be as successful as the players on the pitch?

These are the questions which Jennie Bowmer, Managing Director of Mitre Group, and her team tackle daily. Working closely with the team at Derby County they help to ensure that all members of staff on and off the field work together to create a winning mentality via training across all levels; from the ticket office to hospitality, from senior management to stewards, from community coaches to players and pretty much everything in between. Mitre Group, who specialise in providing training excellence and unleashing people’s full potential, have specialised in the sports sector for over 25 years, working with a range of Clubs across all divisions. It is this experience of such a unique sector that sets them apart from other training providers.

Jennie Bowmer, Managing Director, said:

“Working closely with clubs like Derby County along with industry bodies ensures we understand the sector and can provide innovative solutions that really work and make a difference. The solution will differ from Club to Club depending on what they need and what they are trying to achieve. It is this bespoke approach that has led to long-term relationships” she continued “We understand how unique the sector is and how all departments have to work together to create entertaining events and match days – their training needs to be able to accommodate this meaning flexibility and communication is key. One of the primary barriers to increasing performance rests with the mindset within the organisation – how much are they prepared to invest in their workforce and successful change. This can make all the difference to the performance of the business – both on and off the pitch.”

Nigel Wood, Head of Safety & Operations at Derby County, said:

 “Mitre’s flexible approach ensures all of our stewarding staff can complete training. It is this level of understanding of our unique industry that sets Mitre apart. The expertise and experience of Mitre’s specialist safety and security trainers ensure we learn from real situations and scenarios and are equipped for a range of circumstances should we need to be. Mitre work closely with staff across all levels from management to apprentices, these are the future of the business and unleashing their potential is crucial to ensure clubs have a pipeline of talent for continued success.”

One of the apprentices who is feeling positive about the benefits of the programmes is Saul Simpkin, Community Coach for Derby County Community Trust. Saul talked about the impact the training has on his work as well as the opportunities it can bring “My apprenticeship with Mitre has had a really positive impact on my work. I put into practice the theory from the workshops, and I have received positive feedback from the children I coach as well as my colleagues. The qualifications help me to progress within the organisation, and I am excited about starting my Level 3 PE & School Sports apprenticeship!”

Simon Carnall, Head of Derby County Community Trust said:

 “Engaging and empowering talented staff within our Trust workforce is essential. Mitre has been an integral part of our staff development and training over a number of years. From young staff completing apprenticeships and entering full-time employment to senior managers undertaking leadership qualifications; Mitre has been able to provide outstanding services that fit not only the needs of the business but also the staff involved in the programmes”.

The wider implications and indeed opportunities for training and development usually lie with HR departments, and Derby County is no exception.

Sarah Edwards, Chief People Officer at Derby County, explains her take on striving to help staff fulfil their potential at all levels to drive success off the pitch:

“The diverse nature of a football club requires a unique and bespoke approach to nurturing and developing talent both on and off the pitch and we are passionate about providing an environment whereby our employees feel that they have the opportunity to be the ‘best version of themselves’. We also have a fantastic track record of upskilling our existing workforce to be our team leaders and managers of the future, whether this is by providing support and access to traditional qualifications and apprenticeships, or via continuous professional development opportunities. Mitre recognise that the key to a successful partnership is about understanding the individual needs not only of the business itself, but employees too, and working together to find appropriate and cost effective solutions.”

Mitre has expanded its reach over the years with staff based throughout the UK and offices in both the Midlands and London. They continue to work with many of the country’s leading organisations to deliver a range of programmes from tailored training workshops and executive training consultancy to pre-employment and apprenticeship programmes. As a recognised provider by the Government’s Education and Skills Funding Agency, Mitre is an approved supplier on the Register of Training Organisations (ROTO) and Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (ROATP) and are able to access Government funding for many of its programmes.

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