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Modern English – Gen Z turn to social media for grammar lessons

Today’s tied up world leans more and more towards digitalization. Gadgets become a legit part of the life (even body in some cases) for most users. Considering the pandemic state of the whole world It all results into complete assimilation of offline communication by messengers and social media networks. Tik-Tok, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit included and etc.

The very new generation of young people on the Net (aka Gen Z), especially compared to us millennials, are very thoughtful and attentive to communication in messengers.

Now young users are more and more interested in the grammar of the English language. Well, that’s because sometimes you’re trying to be very serious and smart and then write a comment with an error which can result in immediately getting unspokenly banned. And here you are, with cancel culture within your grasp…

It is at such moments that you are very happy with the time you live in, because now you can find answers to all your questions!

What, for example, is POV? Do you know or still guessing?


We’ve just found out about the Modern English account on ASKfm and we’re more than excited to tap into it with you!

Past tenses, participles, slang expression meanings, tricky new abbreviations, motivations, memes included. They’re here to help you right away;)

too bad

Look at the image below, concentrate. Can you spot them? Find out with Modern English!

five things

Interestingly, the platform has a similar account in Russian, whose grammar is one of the most difficult in the world.

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