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MyTutor chosen to deliver high quality tutoring to disadvantaged pupils through National Tutoring Programme


@MyTutor, the UK’s largest provider of online tuition to schools, has been awarded funding to work with 600 schools as part of the National Tutoring Programme [NTP].

One of the largest tutoring organisations in the country, MyTutor has been chosen to deliver tutoring to schools as an approved NTP Tuition Partner, it was announced today. Secondary schools in England will be able to access tutoring through MyTutor from Monday 2nd November.

MyTutor has been selected as one of the approved Tuition Partners, who will deliver tutoring subsidised by 75% by the government, to schools across the country. The organisation will be working with tens of thousands of teenagers across around 600 schools as part of the National Tutoring Programme.

They have been awardedfunding after a competitive process, during which all applicants underwent a rigorous assessment and review process. All approved Tuition Partners have met and exceeded the required criteria, including their ability to work with schools delivering curriculum relevant tutoring and scope to reach as many disadvantaged pupils as possible.

MyTutor has delivered more than 1 million tutorials to date, and works with over 600 state schools and 40,000 teenagers across the country, with all lessons taking place on a secureonline platform. Tutoring is delivered by high-achieving undergraduates from the UK’s leading universities. Applicants go through a rigorous selection process that checks for subject knowledge, teaching and empathy skills, along with safeguarding requirements, and only 1 in 8 are accepted.

Earlier this year, MyTutor was selected as the largest partner for the Education Endowment Foundation’s Online Tuition Pilot, supporting 1,000 disadvantaged students with catch-up learning over the summer holidays. Initial findings from the study, published recently, showed that 9 in 10 students say tutoring helps them feel more confident with their schoolwork.

Commenting, James Grant, Co-Founder of MyTutor, said:

“We’re delighted to have been selected as an approved Tuition Partner to help disadvantaged students catch up as part of the National Tutoring Programme. At MyTutor, we’re fiercely dedicated to delivering life-changing online tuition that helps students from less privileged backgrounds secure better exam results.

“Being part of the programme will mean we are able to provide much-needed support to over 600 secondary schools and tens of thousands of students, helping them to catch up on lost learning amid the ongoing disruption to school life caused by COVID-19.

“As talented undergraduates with recent exam experience, our 15,000+ trained tutors are uniquely placed to build up students’ confidence, complement the incredible work going on in classrooms up and down the country, and develop positive, nurturing relationships with students.

“This represents a fantastic opportunity to build on the success of the Education Endowment Foundation’s Online Tutoring Pilot, which we participated in over the summer, and which found that 9 in 10 students felt more confident in their schoolwork following tuition. We can’t wait to start making a difference to those who need it most.”

Robbie Coleman, Director of the secretariat of the National Tutoring Programme, said:

“The National Tutoring Programme has one simple aim – to support teachers and schools to support their pupils who have missed out the most as a result of school closures. We’re pleased to welcome our new Tuition Partners who will make tutoring accessible to disadvantaged pupils who need it most.

“The National Tutoring Programme is a tool for teachers. We hope that by providing high-quality, cost effective tutoring to disadvantaged pupils the NTP will make a difference to those who need it most across the country.”

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