From education to employment

#NationalCareersWeek isn’t just about getting jobs… you can also study degrees!

We’ve had another brilliant and busy #NationalCareersWeek!

We’ve hosted lots of fantastic events at each of our campuses in Eastbourne, Hastings, and Lewes by welcoming employers, universities, and inspirational industry professionals to come and chat to our students.

It has also given us the opportunity to catch up with some of our students who have returned to education, in search of a new career.

Ian Schofield is a first year FdA Music Production and Creative Recording student studying at our Eastbourne campus.

Ian worked for BT as an engineer for 19 years before coming back to study and learn more about his one true love, music.

“This course is life changing. It’s blown my mind and it’s just about the best thing I’ve ever done” says Ian.

“I worked for BT for 19 years, but I’ve always had a love of music and have played guitar since I was a teenager. I didn’t enjoy my job as much as I used to and really wanted to study, but I didn’t quite know what. But as soon as I saw that music recording and production was a possibility, it was almost like an epiphany, everything else just stopped and I knew I had to come here.”

“I was a little unsure about college initially. Being my age and being out of education for so long, I thought that my chance might have gone. But I applied and came along to my interview with lots of passion and enthusiasm, showed Damian my portfolio and he offered me a place.”

Ian started the course in October 2018 and says that the course has been a revelation.

“The course has been a revelation and I know that I’ve come to exactly the right place. The tutors are awesome and I quickly realised that if you’re passionate and put the effort in, the tutors will replicate that – and some! It’s incredible to have that support and it’s priceless.”

“I’m really benefiting from being part of a smaller class size. At other unis and colleges you would have to compete to speak to your tutor, to book studio time, maybe even have to pay for studio time.”

“We’ve got the use of eight recording studios, four of which are dedicated to the degree course and are designed to take you to the next level. The mixing desks are the perfect interface between Logic and the live room, they’re very cool, easy, and intuitive to use. The microphones are amazing too.”

The FdA Music Production and Creative Recording course is a two-year programme that gives students a solid understanding of music recording and production. It also allows them to either venture into the music industry or to top-up their qualification to complete a full honour degree, here at the college.

“I would definitely recommend this place. If you are into music then this is the place to be. It develops you to levels that you didn’t even realise. It had no idea of the levels of music and music production I would be learning about. Sound effects, sound tracks, every facet of music is covered here.”

“The FdA is two years and then I’m going to do the top-up BA and really make the most of my time here. I’ll then see where I am in three years time, but this has definitely changed my mind set and given me a fresh outlook on my new career.”

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