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Net Natives Appointed Amazon’s European Programmatic Partner for the Education Sector

Net Natives are incredibly pleased to announce their programmatic advertising partnership with The partnership provides education institutions with unique access to the world’s fastest growing media platforms, with highly targeted audience groups.

eMarketer predicts that Amazon will generate $1 billion in ad revenue in the US in 2017. And Martin Sorrell considers Amazon to be the most significant player to enter into the market in years.

However, until now, Amazon’s retail space has not been accessible to education marketers. The partnership announced today with Net Natives, the first education specific advertising agency to be accepted onto the Amazon Advertising Platform, means that hyper-targeted, brand safe, programmatic advertising across the world’s largest retailer (and other relevant consumer websites, notably IMDb) is now available to every education institution in the UK.

Net Natives and Amazon have worked closely to build unique education-specific audience data segments that can be used exclusively to attract students. 

As well as tracking who is in-market for the top 500 A-Level textbooks and unique access to Amazon Student program data, Net Natives will partner with Amazon to build subject-specific targeting based on Amazon’s real-time view of students who are browsing and purchasing subject specific books – from A-Level subject books to GMAT study guides.

The Net Natives and Amazon partnership combines the latest in creative HTML5 advert design with Amazon’s programmatic technology across their whole digital portfolio.

How does it work?

In the example below, a UK university is promoting undergraduate nursing courses.

Net Natives used exclusive audience profiles for potential nursing undergraduates, built in partnership with Amazon and their incredible CRM. Net Natives were able to serve highly targeted ads to consumers they know are actively buying products related to their education ambitions, and also fit the behavioural profile for someone who is planning to go to this institution and study in this field.

Innovative HTML5 creative adverts are served on products that are directly related to the audience profile (for example nursing training guides) but also related products too (such as A Level Health and Social Care study guides). Your adverts will also be served to your targeted audience segment on the main Amazon homepage, through impactful display ads. The unique audience data-set can also be used to target audiences on other publisher websites programmatically through all the major ad exchanges (in this example and across some of the world’s most popular websites (including IMdB, Amazon owned and one of the world’s biggest websites).

In doing so, your institution reaches the right audience at the right time to influence your prospective students during the decision making process, on a space where there is little-to-no competition from other institutions with the same message.

As part of this pioneering partnership, clients working with Net Natives will have access to the Amazon platform with much lower minimum campaign spend levels, meaning Amazon can be a part of your marketing mix, even if you don’t have a huge budget.

Don Skinner, Chief Operations Officer at Net Natives said:

“Our partnership with Amazon means that every client in the education sector will have access to this incredible audience and portfolio. Not only that, but it means that Net Natives can continue to lead the drive for putting brand safety at the heart of programmatic advertising.”

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