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New Cloud Authoring Tool helps educators create microcourses in record time

@iSpringPro Releases Page, a New Cloud Authoring Tool for Microcourses 

iSpring Solutions Inc., a world-renowned vendor of eLearning software and services, announced the release of iSpring Page, a new cloud-based authoring tool for creating microlearning courses.

iSpring Page allows course creators to build eLearning content right in their browsers, thus simplifying and speeding up the development process and helping them embrace the rising trend for microlearning.

“According to research conducted by Bersin by Deloitte, a typical employee can devote only 24 minutes during a workweek to training. That’s why businesses eagerly adopt microlearning: it fits into a tight daily schedule seamlessly and employees can take bite-size courses in an off moment, on any device,” says Slava Uskov, VP of Product Development at iSpring.

“Many professional authoring tools might be overkill for preparing such courses because of their excessive features, a busy interface, and steep learning curve. iSpring Page is specifically designed to fill the gap and provide content creators with a tool for producing microlearning modules for LMSs quickly and hassle-free”. 

iSpring Page helps educators create microlearning courses with video, knowledge checks, and custom branding in record time.

The series of quick, bite-sized lessons can be used for new employee onboarding, product and sales training, and also as job aids and video explainers.

They are especially effective for training “deskless” and field workers who typically don’t have access to desktop computers during their workday.

With mobile-friendly content that plays on smartphones, businesses can get these employees involved in training too.

iSpring Page introduces a set of options aimed at speeding up content creation: 

Cloud-based authoring. Authors only need an Internet connection to create a course with iSpring Page. This means that content developers are not limited to their desks and computers with authoring tools installed and can build and edit content from anywhere.

Ease of use. The intuitive interface allows authors to create courses in minutes. Building a microcourse with iSpring Page is as easy as writing a post for social networks. You can simply copy and paste the texts from the existing document and Page will preserve images and paragraph and list styles intact.

Collaboration. iSpring Page supports teamwork, so multiple authors can cowork on the same piece of content online to finish the project faster.

One course for all devices. iSpring Page creates adaptive content that plays flawlessly on all devices, so authors don’t need to test and customize content for different screens.

iSpring Page publishes content to SCORM and xAPI eLearning formats, allowing you to easily upload them to an LMS, assign them to learners, and track progress.

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