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New leadership course based on nature and ancient wisdom launched

Major changes with global impact such as political power shifts, climate change, Covid-19 and technological developments present people, businesses and institutions with major challenges, opportunities and dilemmas.

With the ‘Breath in Leadership Journey’, Nyenrode Business University has collaborated with Conscious Learning Tribe, a learning and community platform, to introduce an innovative holistic leadership course to address major current societal and business issues. The journey links leadership skills, personal development and nature based (un)learning opportunities for human leadership, and for generations to come.

The Breath in Leadership Journey is designed as a six-month course based on nature and ancient wisdoms. Participants are guided along the intersection of science, art, academics and technology, as well as emerging wisdom of humans who gather around the mission of making a direct impact in and through their organizations. The Breath in Leadership Journey is an invitation for responsible leaders to co-lead regenerative futures. Participants of the program are leaders who work in business, for the government, in the non-profit sector or as social entrepreneurs. The course takes place at Nyenrode Business University in Breukelen, two other locations in the Netherlands, in Ibiza (Spain), and partially online. The journey is open to a global audience with a digital journey alternative, for those who chose to join the first cohort online.

Breath in Leadership is an (un)learning journey of breaking through individual and collective obsolete assumptions, exploring and co-creating.  The program is full of the most inspirational participants, guides and guardians, such as Alexandra Cousteau (ocean 2050), Chief Biraci Nixiwaka (Yawanawa) and Ron Garan (Space).

Yuri van Geest of Conscious Learning Tribe says:

“The core ecological, social, psychological and spiritual challenges of the world all relate to a (lack of) breathing in self, among each other, and in our planet. The emerging leadership needs to commit to regenerate life, for all. The journey is designed to create radical awareness and synergy with the pioneers and heart leaders who are on a mission to support the breath and life on Earth. The journey is intended to allow courageous opportunities and action to emerge, integrating “inner and outer ecologies”, “feminine and masculine energies”, “thinking and feeling”, “ancient and future wisdoms” and “humans as nature and as cosmos” through breath.” 

Koen Becking, President and Rector Magnificus of Nyenrode Business University:

“New generations already recognize the urgent need for a radically different approach when it comes to leadership. Due to Covid-19, people experienced distress and loneliness and are looking for connection, real contact and genuine experiences. Other global developments show us that if we do not treat our social and physical environment in a respectful way, we will find complex problems on our path. There is a need for new education and personal development programs like the Breath in Leadership Journey. New leaders will demonstrate different approaches to serve society in a better way.”

Inspiring guides from home and abroad provide the participants with the latest insights in areas such as ancient wisdom, regenerative leadership, personal growth, future skills and creative ability using cutting edge art, tech, organizational and work models. Participants will work on their individual development and deepening through introspection, coaching and co-creation. They are guided in a direction towards a holistic, healthy and grounded leadership style. Part of the program is the development of meta-competencies such as alignment, purpose, courage, compassion, resilience, play, imagination and intuitive decision-making.

The first Breath in Leadership journey starts on November 25, 2021 and runs until May 29, 2022. It consists of eighteen modules with biweekly engagements to reflect on real life progress and integration, as well as ongoing community engagements. The group of participants is intentionally selected, balanced in gender, age, ethnicities and from various sectors. 

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