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New online training packages prepare hospitality workers for safe return to work when bars and restaurants reopen

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Online learning providers Virtual College have created two new course packages that will help to prepare the hospitality industry for a safe reopening over the coming months.

The Back to Business course collection has been created to cover all information and processes which hospitality workers need to know for returning to work safely, as bars and restaurants prepare to re-open for outdoor service on 12th April and indoor service from 17th May.

While this is not the first time the hospitality industry has reopened with Covid policies in place following a lockdown, the updated courses from Virtual College will cover the most relevant and current guidelines as well as vital UK/EU training requirements for food hygiene.

There are two course options available within the ‘Back to Business’ release, featuring Level 2 or Level 3 Food Safety and Hygiene course, a Covid-19 Training course, and a free Re-opening your Hospitality Business online learning resource as well. This combination of courses ensures that all staff within hospitality businesses know how to keep themselves, their colleagues and their customers safe as bars, restaurants and cafes begin to reopen.

The Level 2 and Level 3 Food Hygiene courses suit the different requirements of employees who serve or handle food at work, with both covering the relevant health and safety information concerning topics like food preparation, first aid and hygiene practices to follow before handling ingredients. The training will ensure that all employees comply with official food health and safety legislation and are not increasing the risk of infection when working with food.

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The COVID-19 Training course begins with an overview of the symptoms of Covid-19 so that staff know what they should be looking out for and can start self-isolating immediately if they do catch the virus. It then covers appropriate personal hygiene measures that everyone should be following to prevent the spread of coronavirus at home and in the workplace, including advice on social distancing and why it is necessary to reduce the spread of infection as much as possible.

It also includes information on the current best health and safety practices in the workplace to help prevent transmission of Covid-19, which is vital for anyone who will be returning to work in the hospitality industry as soon as restrictions allow.

As well as these two essential courses, the collection also includes a free ‘Re-opening your Hospitality Business’ training resource designed for both the employers and employees of food establishments. Topics covered in the course include a breakdown of the risks associated with reopening and the best ways to protect staff and customers, touching on measures like shift patterns that avoid spreading infection around the whole team and using PPE to help staff feel safer.

Advice is also given for identifying and mitigating potential infection risks before the business reopens, factoring in the work environment, official procedures that need to be followed and what kind of health and safety training will be required before hospitality teams return to work.

Available online, the ‘Back to Business’ packages are a comprehensive yet simple way of preparing both employers and their employees for a safe return to work within hospitality following the most recent lockdown. Suitable for various levels of experience, the course ensures that participants are aware of the risks posed by coronavirus in the workplace, the safety procedures they must follow, and how best to prevent the spread of infection.

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