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New pilot project to deliver the best tool to support SEND pupils

Would you like free #SEND technology for your school?

For the first time at BETT Kaligo are recruiting schools to pilot our new SEND modules. Why? We want children with special educational needs to get the best education available. We are looking for schools to take part in our pilot project to make sure that it delivers only the best tool to support SEND pupils.

Kaligo was introduced last year. A unique, digital, AI handwriting tool, which is having a positive impact on pupil outcomes in classrooms across the UK. In the coming months we will be running a pilot for the Kaligo SEND module.

Writing requires a complex set of motor and information processing skills and our new Kaligo SEND tablet tool has been specifically designed to help dyspraxic and dysgraphic children learn to write through a series of dedicated handwriting exercises through an adapted interface. Both these learning issues can affect writing abilities as they have fine motor skills.

Schools registering their interest in the pilot, will receive the technology for free which includes:

  • An intuitive handwriting application for SEND
  • A fun and adapted interface to compensate for visuo-spatial difficulties.
  • A fun and adapted interface to compensate for visuo-spatial difficulties.
  • Exercises and functionalities for perceptual-motor skills.
  • Detailed follow-up to analyse the difficulties and highlight the achievements.
  • A sharing platform to give visibility to parents and teachers.
  • Personalize to meet the needs of each child.

Kaligo SEND module guides the child through different sensory modalities and helps to reduce the cognitive load and facilitate their acquisition.

Participating schools in the pilot will receive free access to the app.

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