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New qualification to increase health and hygiene

David Grailey is chief executive of NCFE, the national awarding organisation

A new range of qualifications have been launched to help improve hygiene and cleaning services within the care and support sectors.

National qualification provider NCFE has launched NVQs in Cleaning and Support Services, which aim to upskill people working in the sector, ensure that employees are highly trained in cleaning and hygiene and have an enhanced awareness of superbug prevention.

The qualifications cover a range of areas including reducing health and safety risks, dealing with waste, high-risk areas and cleaning and maintenance.

Currently only 10.6 per cent of people working within the cleaning industry have a qualification in the subject, despite the increasing concern over superbugs like MRSA and C. Diff.

David Grailey, Chief Executive at NCFE, commented: “Cleaning and hygiene is extremely important within the health and care sectors so it is vital that people have relevant qualifications to increase their skills and support them within their roles.

“Our new qualifications will help ensure that those individuals going into healthcare will have the best possible preparation for dealing with potential infections and to ensure that high cleaning and hygiene standards are continually practised.

“NCFE’s NVQs have also been developed to ensure they are easy to deliver, offer a good skills base for learners, are relevant to today’s workforce and recognise workers in this industry with a nationally accredited qualification.”

The NVQs in Cleaning and Support Services are available in Levels 1 and 2 and are aimed at people new to the cleaning industry or experienced workers without qualifications.

The NVQs also allow learners to progress to qualifications in related subject areas including cleaning science, caretaking, facilities management and food hygiene.

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