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New TUC Education eNote to help people Working with Figures

Maths is an important part of everyday life for many people, whether it’s related to work, doing the shopping, calculating bills or helping kids with their homework – everyone will come across the need to work with figures.

Some people are less condiment than others when it’s comes to maths though, and TUC Education has developed a new eNote aimed at trade union members and the Union Learning Reps looking to support them.

Working with Figures is a new learning resource that has been designed to help reps deal with common calculations they may face in the workplace and solve trade union problems involving numbers.

Jackie Williams, TUC Education Manager, said; “The free online eNote will help increase your numeracy skills with practical exercises such as working out a percentage pay increase, overtime rate or budgeting for union accounts.”

“People using the eNote will learn how to subtract, multiply, divide and work with percentages in this fantastic new resource created in partnership with BFAWU.”

By the end of this short course learners will have increased confidence in working with figures in their workplaces and at home, the resource will be available for them to keep coming back to when they need it in their day to day lives.

To log onto the course go to

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