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New TUC Education eNote will give reps the skills to promote ESOL in workplaces

TUC Education this week launched a new eNote. Called Language support for workers this eNote focuses on ESOL.

ESOL is English for Speakers of Other Languages and refers to English taught to people whose first language is not English, but who live in an English-speaking country and need English to communicate in daily life. This can be particularly important in workplaces with many instructions and health and safety information written in English.

This new eNote will help equip reps with the skills to plan, arrange and promote ESOL activities in the workplace and recognise the value of these activities to organising. It will help reps understand and communicate the impact of ESOL issues in the workplace to others so that they can influence and win the support of employers, decision-makers and colleagues.

The eNote will help reps recognise that ESOL is an incredible opportunity to gain new members as it allows the union to demonstrate to workers how the support of a union can have a hugely positive impact on their lives. Promoting ESOL is very rewarding as the learners are highly motivated and grateful for the support of the union.

Jackie Williams, TUC Education Manager, said; “The UK’s workplaces include a wide variety of nationalities bringing their skills to companies and it is important that workplace reps support all workers.”

“Reps can be in a unique position to promote the benefits of ESOL courses to employers, staff and the wider community, which will help productivity, integration and workplace safety.”

“The new ESOL eNote is a timely resource to help reps and union members understand what ESOL is and the opportunities it can offer.”

To look at the Language support for workers eNote go to; click on eNotes

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