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New Vocational Qualifications Give UK Students a Head Start in Healthy Living

Helping learners across the UK to reap the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle, leading awarding body Education Development International (EDI plc),, has launched a brand new Level 1 Award in Healthy Living. Designed not only to help learners increase their physical activity, but also understand its importance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, this new Vocationally Related Qualification (VRQ) is available to all learners over the age of 14. A viable alternative to GCSE PE, the Level 1 Award in Healthy Living is a practical way for students to learn how to lead active lifestyles and to evaluate their own health and fitness.  With obesity a constant concern for the UK nation, this qualification will help both schools and learners tackle the issues within a clear and defined framework.
Recreational activities provide an excellent opportunity for students to develop citizenship and leadership skills as well as improve physical health. EDI is also launching a Level 2 Award in Activity Leadership, developed to enable learners to gain the knowledge and skills needed to lead others in an activity in which they are themselves confident. This qualification can be taken in sport or in other recreational activities. With the Award under their belt, learners will not only develop valuable leadership skills but also be qualified for such roles as sports club volunteers and youth leaders. For those learners looking to widen their skill sets and interests, especially with a mind to future career prospects, this is an excellent boost to any CV or UCAS entry form!
According to research presented at the European Congress on Obesity, overweight young people should be encouraged to eat more healthily, while the Department of Health has recently announced a £75m publicity drive to help people change their eating and exercise habits. Created to help meet the government’s target of getting half the population active by 2020 and aimed at teenagers upwards, the new EDI qualifications enable all young people to gain a head start in learning how to embark upon – and maintain – a healthy lifestyle. 
Learners completing the Level 1 Award in Healthy Living will not only increase their physical activity through the practical elements of the qualification but will also learn how to plan, participate in and evaluate a 6 week healthy living programme. They will look at their own lifestyle, diet and physical activity at the beginning of the course and then re-assess and re-evaluate these elements at the end, ensuring they learn how to apply their knowledge as well as gain it.
Learners completing the Level 2 Award in Activity Leadership also benefit from a number of different pathways within the qualification. They can choose to specialise in the areas of: physical activity, working in the sports industry, adapting activity for people with disabilities and working with children and young people. According to SkillsActive, the Sector Council for Active Leisure and Learning, the number of people working within this industry has ‘soared with a growth rate four times that of the UK economy’. The new EDI qualifications will not only stand learners in excellent stead for future roles within sports and fitness related businesses but also address the widening skills shortage in the sector.
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