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Next Step Academy investing in fast-track training to keep up with demand for #Talent


The unrelenting demand for progress and digital transformation in the enterprise technology field means that that supplying the necessary talent, to implement these projects, is a booming industry.

Last year Recruitment International reported that the start-up rate for agencies was at its highest since 2012, the total number of recruitment agencies expected to exceed 40,000. This strength of confidence is even greater in the technology markets.

Forward thinking specialist recruiters are looking hard at the training and development of young graduates, that have a talent for sales, as a means to meet demand. The rewards are high for success, with six-figure salaries plus many incentive benefits, all achievable within 24 months.

Next Ventures are such a recruiter and are investing heavily in Learning & Development to rapidly build and strengthen their team and capabilities. They have specialised in resourcing technical talent for the enterprise technology sector, serving international businesses and consultancies, globally.

The London headquarters of their international operation is an impressive office next to the Barbican and is the base for the Learning and Development they are calling the Next Step Academy. It is anticipated as many as 40 young sales executives or graduates will benefit form this fast-track training over the coming year.

What do ambitious graduates have to think about before stepping into a technology recruitment role?

They need to be ambitious, they will want to be outside their comfort zone, and they do not want to be limited in their progression. 

They want to work in an environment where they can express themselves creatively, where they can ask a question receive support when they need it.

Most of all, they want to face tests and challenges that will teach them lessons that will stay with them for the rest of their careers.

There are few more testing environments for a grad than information technology recruitment.

The sales-led nature of the recruitment industry means that you have no choice but to earn your success. If someone is making £100k+ after two years in our Next Step Academy (it has happened many times), you can be sure that achievement is uniquely hard won. Our industry-leading mentoring programme may have coaxed them in the right direction, and our deeply-personalised development plans will have supported them, but the majority of the work is down to their tenacity, resilience and determination.

Jak Tompsett, has been through the academy training and has this to say:

“Four years ago I graduated with a degree in Hospitality & Business Management, and with no clear career plan. Today, I head up an SAP Perm team of 7 in our London office. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s definitely been worth the journey. NV have truly nurtured and supported me, and I’m pretty excited to see what comes next!

My tips for anyone starting on the Graduate Academy: Do it! The hardest part of stepping into a career in recruitment is getting the right training to provide you with a valuable knowledge base. NV’s blended learning is very dynamic; from desk training, self-learning projects and interactive workshops, you’re really set up for success before your first official day as a Consultant.”

Maybe that is why the Next Step Academy is so popular and has been so successful for Next Ventures and its trainees?

Of course, the jaw-dropping incentive trips, fun and inclusive office atmosphere, industry-leading reward scheme, and super-supportive colleagues go a long way to making it the most enjoyable start to a career too. 

We are going to be looking for our next “class” of Next Step students soon.

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