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No clowning around for Barking & Dagenham College student Daniele

Daniele Pintore

A former Barking & Dagenham College (@BarkingCollege) student has been working on an animated film voiced by Bafta-winning actor Helena Bonham Carter.

Daniele Pintore studied photography at the College and since graduating has travelled the world pursuing his career.  Now living in Italy, he has been working for the ARTEPRIMA Animation Studios and spent five months helping them to produce Quentin Blake’s ‘Clown’ which aired on Christmas Day on Channel 4.

Quentin’s ‘Clown’ was originally a picture-book published in 1998. It tells the story of an old toy clown, thrown away by an owner who outgrows him. The clown goes on a journey to find a new home for him and his friends, eventually finding one on Christmas Eve.  The new half hour animated version brings the book to life and was narrated by Helena Bonham Carter.

Daniele was responsible for the animations colouring team.  In animation films especially the role of the colouring team is important.  Each colour used in a film can support or evoke emotions and moods for example.  Not only was Daniele responsible for organising the team, he checked all coloured drawings frame by frame, to spot any missing parts or mistakes of colouring any character.  He was also responsible for some of the special effects in the film too all of which he thoroughly enjoyed.

As Daniele explains: “We were working to a tight deadline which was tough and sometimes stressful. Nevertheless it was an amazing experience.  I got to deepen my knowledge of animation production and work with an incredible team.”

The film has received many positive reviews, but as Daniele continues: “The most important review was from Quentin Blake, who really liked it!”

David Bennett, Programme Leader for Photography at the College said: “I am very proud of Daniele’s continuing achievement since graduating from the photography programme. It just proves that studying photography can open doors in the world of moving image and animation. He will go far.”

Daniele will now continue working with ARTEPRIMA Studio on another upcoming animation as well as ensuring he keeps up with his personal projects as a photographer.  He is even set to run some photography lessons at the studio.

‘Clown’ can be viewed by visiting Channel 4 On Demand.

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