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Northern Quarter is ‘picture perfect’ for students

Photography students from Clarendon Sixth Form College visited the Northern Quarter in Manchester city centre to capture images in the style of renowned photographer, Niall McDiarmid.

Students took to the streets to capture environmental portraits, locations and the basic elements of photography such as colour and pattern.

Niall McDiarmid is well known for his bright, colourful portraits of people in their local environment from up and down Britain. The students used the Northern Quarter’s quirky architecture and artistic murals to try and recreate his work.

The students also visited Manchester Craft Centre, which hosts workshops and exhibitions, to chat to artists about selling their work in the future and to research the different works on display.

The trip, which forms part of their course work, will help them build a portfolio of images from new locations and give them confidence to photograph the public.

Claire Platt, photography teacher at Clarendon Sixth Form College, said: “It was a great day out with fantastic photographs from all learners evidencing their new knowledge of composing this type of shot. I was proud to see the students’ confidence grow throughout the day and how they scouted out some great photography locations. The first hand advice given and inspiration from local artists in the Manchester Craft Centre was brilliant.”

To find out more about photography courses at Clarendon Sixth Form College, call 0161 908 6800.

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