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Norwegian students spend two weeks on #Erasmus exchange trip partnered with @westlondoncol


Twenty-eight students from Lier School in Norway arrived once again this year as part of the EU funded Erasmus Exchange Programme (27 Oct – 10 Nov 19). The students who stayed with host families in London and are all studying either Health and Social Care or Business Studies, spent two weeks in classes with West London College students, as well as taking part in work placements. Earlier in the year West London College students visited the Lier students in Norway for their exchange programme (May 2019).

Many of the Norwegian students had work placements in care homes and businesses within the community, as well as in the College, such as with the Marketing and Apprenticeships Teams.

Madelen (17), one of the Lier school students said: “The biggest differences I’ve noticed about school here compared to home is that we don’t get any homework, we do it all in school, but we work longer hours, usually 8am – 4pm each day.”

Nichlas (17), said: “London is so much bigger than where we live. It is more crowded and more multicultural. My work placement was with the College’s Marketing Team, which was really cool!”

Nadia (17) said: “Everyone in London is so polite, they always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, which I really like.”

There was also plenty of time for making sure the Norwegian students were able to visit tourist attractions, go shopping and socialise. The students were able to visit the Old Operating Theatre Museum and participate in some well-established tourist attractions and walks in the City and the east end of London.

Liam Wild, who organised the exchange trip said: “This is Lier Upper Secondary School’s second consecutive year to visit West London College and we are very proud of our close working relationship. We will once again be providing the opportunity for some of our own teachers and students to visit Norway in May 2020 to experience the different way of life.”

The Erasmus programme is for students to be able to gain further insight into different cultures and experiences that will enhance and harness their development towards their long term career goals.

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