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NUS warns of “tidal wave” of refund requests from students

#StudentSafetyNet – National Union of Students’ (@NUSUK) complaint chain calls on Universities Minister @MichelleDonelan to establish a solution for refund requests 

3907 students are set to complain to their universities and colleges about the inadequacy of their education during their last term of education. They have all joined the National Union of Students’ (NUS) complaint chain which calls on the Universities Minister to establish a solution for these complaints.

Survey results show that of those who were offered online learning 20% of students reported that they were unable to access their education online and 33% of students did not agree that the education they were receiving was of adequate quality.

NUS has been calling for the government to introduce a Student Safety Net, including allowing current students to redo this term of education at no extra cost or have their tuition fees written off or reimbursed. This comes following a report from the House of Commons Petitions Committee, chaired by Catherine McKinnell MP, which recommended the government fund refunds for students that are due them for this term.

This is the last chance for the government to act before students submit complaints to their universities.

Larissa Kennedy, NUS President, said:

“Students have been let down continuously during this pandemic. It is no surprise that they are willing to complain when many have been paying for accommodation they have not needed and are accumulating tuition fee debt for learning that has been severely disrupted.

“Now it is time for the government to do the right thing and write off the debt for these students. Otherwise, we will see a tidal wave of students requesting reimbursements from their universities – and we’d rather we all had the time to learn, and universities had the time to teach. We need a Student Safety Net that can provide an equitable solution for students – but the government has to write off this debt, not put further pressure on our education sector.”

3,907 students have signed NUS’ complaint chain which will support them to complain to their universities.

1,784 of these students have also signed an open letter that will be sent to Michelle Donelan, Universities Minister, calling for action to reimburse tuition fees for last term.

NUS has case studies ready of students who have had their education disrupted and will be complaining to their institution. Please get in touch with the press office if you would like access to these case studies.

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