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Oldham College showcasing skills in #NAW2022

OLDHAM College (@OldhamCollege) is showcasing learners’ skills and the benefits of the hundreds of apprenticeships it provides to the local economy during National Apprenticeship Week 2022 (February 7-13).

The FE provider is currently supporting around 700 apprentices across the region and working with more than 500 employers of all sizes across every sector.

It also has a pipeline of 150 pre-assessed ‘work ready’ candidates available for hire now – plus a further 500 school leavers ready for new apprenticeship opportunities this summer.

These skilled talents are available across all sectors from accounting to brickwork, carpentry and joinery, hair and beauty to early years, education, health and social care, law, web and software development – and many more.

Today (February 7) sees the launch of Skills Week on campus as part of #NAW2022.

This will test learners’ abilities at all ages and levels in 60 ‘real world’ competitions and is part of Oldham College’s new status as a WorldSkills UK Centre of Excellence – where learners can compete at national and international level and get a career edge by achieving the highest standards that employers need.

The Skills Week contests will feature on Oldham College’s Social Media channels alongside case studies highlighting amazing apprentices, plus explaining their benefits to businesses and the economy.

YOU’RE HIRED | Grigori Derkats completed Accounting Levels 2,3 and 4 at Oldham College before starting an apprenticeship with MJ Goldman Chartered Accountants. He is now self-employed at Meilora Accountancy.

Alun Francis, Oldham College Principal and Chief Executive, said:

“Our apprenticeships scheme is like an ‘Oldham’s Got Talent’ franchise – packed with exciting and gifted people that can help local businesses to ‘Build The Future’.

“Our apprentices’ results rank alongside the best providers in the Greater Manchester City Region and they have a fantastic impact on their employers, who also benefit from financial incentives.

“An independent report found that 85 per cent of employers agreed our apprentices helped to create a positive team spirit. They said that almost two thirds had even made recommendations to improve the business, and 84 per cent agreed they had also taken on extra responsibilities*.

“The benefits to the learners are also significant. They get a much clearer idea about their future and improve their skills and, in 2021, we know 93 per cent of them went on to a positive destination: either in further employment or continuing to the next level of training.

“We are urging all firms – no matter what their size or sector – to consider taking on an apprentice and giving someone a life-changing opportunity. Our apprentices provide extra productivity, competitiveness and skills in a cost-effective way – and the Oldham College team is ready and waiting to work with you to make the recruitment process as simple as possible.”

Increasing numbers of learners now see college-based and apprenticeship pathways as their best route to high-skilled and fulfilling jobs, but the number of opportunities has fallen nationally during the pandemic due to marketplace uncertainty.

Oldham College urgently needs to secure more apprenticeship opportunities with employers and significant financial incentives are available. 

Employers and learners of all ages and levels are also invited to Oldham College’s Open Day on Saturday, February 12 from 10am-1pm.

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