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Pebble Learning makes PebblePad online Personal Learning System free for first year graduates

PebblePad, the creator of online Personal Learning System PebblePad, has announced that it will support graduates in their all-important first year after leaving University by allowing anyone currently using PebblePad to transfer all their portfolio contents into a free personal account.

PebblePad’s operations director, Colin Dalziel, says, “Graduates will be able to use PebblePad to present their skills and experiences in a very professional online portfolio, which will undoubtedly be an aid to their career development and progression. They can also record their ongoing professional experiences and developing skills, further adding to their online profile.”  

The market for graduate jobs is highly competitive and employers are now seeking demonstrable evidence that applicants have a wide range of abilities. PebblePad enables employers to view a rich online portfolio that goes way beyond a traditional paper-based application to provide detailed evidence of an applicant’s abilities and experiences. At the end of the free year individuals can subscribe for £20 to continue to use PebblePad or, thanks to PebblePad’s open integration, can export their materials for use in other systems.

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