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Pensioner helped teen granddaughter with lockdown home schooling thanks to college IT course

Dave Johnson

DAVE JOHNSON was able to help his teenage granddaughter with home schooling in lockdown thanks to a @ColegCambria Skills for Adults course.

The former heating engineer admits to not being the most tech-savvy learner, but quickly got to grips with the college’s Essential Skills classes in Using a Tablet, and Word Processing, held at Mold library.

Importantly, the 71 year-old – who hails from the town – met new friends and was given a confidence boost when he needed it most.

“Because it’s just my granddaughter and I at home I wanted to know a bit more about the internet, cyber security and that kind of thing, especially when you see and hear some of the concerns people have about social media,” said Dave.

“I suffer with anxiety and remember going along to the library for my first lesson; I got there early and sat there watching people coming and going, I was so nervous.

“But when I eventually plucked up the courage, I was so relieved and made to feel so welcome. Everything was explained simply and there were no expectations and pressure – I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.”

Dave spent the latter stages of his career in management and would deliver presentations online.

However, he was self-taught and unaware of the many “shortcuts” available to him.

“I would spend so much time doing things, not realising there was a simple alternative,” he said.

“I thought I knew what I was doing but really had little idea of the different tools and platforms available.

“All of this was a big help in lockdown because I could help my granddaughter with her homework, keep up to date with the news and in touch with family – it gave me a new lease of life.”

Dave added: “Whatever your age, you’ll get something from these Coleg Cambria courses.

“And it’s not just about learning for someone of my age; you are made to feel part of a community and support each other.

“I’m so glad I went, I really appreciated what they taught me and can’t wait to get back and learn more when we are able to. I would go back tomorrow and start all over again if I could.”

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