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Platform combines #ArtificialIntelligence with human expertise to generate perfect matches for students

MBA Matching Platform Unimy Revolutionizes MBA Search and Application Process for Students and Schools

Artificial Intelligence #AI tools are reshaping industries and processes worldwide. Now AI is changing how aspiring graduate business students worldwide evaluate potential programs.

Launched earlier this year, Unimy offers a revolutionary approach to the traditional MBA research and application process. Designed to help candidates select their best school fit and most suitable program from all accredited business schools worldwide, the platform uses unique tools—such as its proprietary AI Matching tool and Cultural Fit test, among three others. It is the only platform where students can browse, research, and apply to the world’s accredited MBA programs via a streamlined, effective five-step process.

Five steps to the perfect MBA match

Candidates can decide which of the six steps to take and which to skip, although for best results the platform’s creators suggest completing all five.

  1. Browse is suitable for people who know very well what they are looking for and are certain about the limitations and criteria they would not compromise on. Students can perform exhaustive, tailored searches using multiple filters.
  2. Match answers the question “Which school do people like me tend to apply to?” Candidates create the detailed profile that is needed for the most precise matching. Using AI algorithms, this is then quickly matched to hundreds of programs worldwide to identify the top 10 schools to which candidates with similar demographics, professional experience and relevant personal characteristics have applied. Unimy’s AI Matching Tool is the result of 15 years’ experience in higher education and over 200,000 One-to-One meetings between business school prospects and admission teams in 65 countries.
  3. Fit addresses those asking themselves “Will I feel like I belong if I get admitted to a school I have selected?” To give candidates a different perspective of their Top 3 potential schools, the Cultural Fit Test uses a short survey where six cultural dimensions are measured. The survey was developed after a two-year study of business schools’ culture and organizational behavior, with the aim of delivering insights on how a candidate’s cultural expectations compare to the cultural practices typical to different schools, and how they would fit there. This unique tool is inspired by the importance of cultural fit in the workplace—because just like when applying for a new job, it is crucial to get a sense of the culture of your chosen school and whether you belong there.
  4. Consult enables candidates to get advice in an individual, live consultation. If desired, candidates can contact Unimy’s orientation experts to discuss MBA options in more detail.
  5. Connect provides a first-hand experience of the MBA at preferred school(s). Webinars and chats put future students in direct contact with alumni for questions and discussion about a school’s application process and culture.

Prospects and schools enjoy a unique experience of MBA discovery

Explore, discover, immerse, compare, connect, join—from browsing MBA programs to applying for admission, Unimy offers it all in one place. The platform aims to connect prospective MBA candidates with business schools around the world, providing tailored matching.

Backed by global expertise in higher education

Unimy is the brainchild of Advent Group, a world leader in higher education marketing and orientation consulting. Fifteen years ago, Advent Group invented the One-to-One meeting event format that has now become a standard in worldwide graduate education MBA orientation and recruitment. Today, Advent Group hosts nearly 200 events annually on six continents, connecting thousands of candidates to leading MBA programs globally.

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