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Plymouth College of Art’s Class of 2020: Fashion & Textiles

Caption: Caterpiller Puke (left) and Cropped Beauty (right)

This year, @PlymouthArt’s Class of 2020 graduates from across the fashion and textiles courses are ready to wow the press, industry and public with their refreshing creative perspectives and industry-ready techniques. The fashion and textiles industries are evolutionary and multi-faceted, taking inspiration from culture, innovative technology and world events.

At Plymouth College of Art we explore new horizons and push the boundaries of creative practice, encouraging students to think of themselves as creative professionals from their first day on campus. We believe higher education is a catalyst for personal, professional and cultural transformation, and now more than ever, creative innovation plays a vital role in global society and industry.

In no particular order, we’re proud to introduce this year’s graduates from BA (Hons) Fashion, BA (Hons) Fashion, Media & Marketing, BA (Hons) Printed Textile Design & Surface Pattern and BA (Hons) Textile Practices, selected for their creative innovation, bold concepts and fresh approach.

Ella Howard Baker’s work is a mixture of psychedelic and boho montage style using her own illustrations, and mixed collected photographic imagery. She is a bold and brave designer that likes to mix her practices. 

Ella’s design process is about collaging, drawing by hand and using her own and collected images, mixing this with bold backgrounds and utilizing Photoshop to add final touches. Ella’s work has a unique personal feeling with a flamboyant colour palette. Her designs are filled with fun personalities and strike the attention of the viewer, something she hopes will help with her career aspirations to work in the fashion industry.

BA (Hons) Fashion, Media & Marketing – Megan Hughes-Jenkins

Megan Hughes-Jenkins is a content creator and aspiring creative director from Plymouth with a passion for food. Megan, aged 21, has already worked with Celtic & Co in her second year, and is currently taking part in the Multipatch project by Size? and Converse as part of her final year, combining sensory triggers and food elements to produce a pair of ASMR Converse Allstars. She also creates colourful and eye-catching imagery which has translated into her final major project, Trollied.

Trollied Magazine is an interactive digital and physical publication aiming to be completely immersive by giving the reader the chance to taste, feel, look at, smell and listen to. Along with showcasing her original and often humorous photographic and creative direction skills, Megan hopes to bring out the inner child of everyone who reads Trollied, from edible pages to ASMR listening buttons, with a conscious effort to focus on food waste. / /


Caption: Megan Hughes-Jenkins work for Trollied

BA (Hons) Printed Textile Design & Surface Pattern – Suzanne Drummond

Suzanne Drummond is a printer and maker based in Devon. With a great love of printmaking, Suzanne revels in the process of both textile work and on paper. In her most recent collection, she has begun working with more traditional skills including natural dyeing, resist work and indigo.

Suzanne takes inspiration from her surroundings, especially the architecture present in Plymouth, and after many years of living in London, the shapes and patterns that appear in her day to day life have influenced her design work. The interplay between negative and positive spaces has become increasingly important within her practice, creating an exciting and innovative visual language. /


Caption: Suzanne Drummond’s textile work

BA (Hons) Fashion – Megan Roberts

Megan Roberts is a tactile fashion designer, with her work often reflecting and extending on her own thoughts and experiences of being a young person in today’s society in the UK.

Working organically from her own personal perspective, Megan channels her feelings and opinions throughout her work. She explores modern day prejudice and its impact on the fashion industry, aiming to understand more about the history of systemic inequality and how it structures our society. These significant roles in global history inform her work, responding with the practice of hand drawing and creating things physically, with sketching and 2D work playing a further role in her projects. /


Caption: Pieces from Megan Roberts’ collection Prepared

BA (Hons) Textile Practices – Helena Casas

Helena Casas is a designer and maker from Ivybridge with an attraction to colour and drawing, that stems from her childhood. Inspired by natural forms, Helena is passionate about creating high quality products that reflect her own visual stimulus, exploring different mediums and techniques as a way to express textures, visual effects and materiality. Her faith in beautiful craftsmanship informs her to create beautiful products made by hand with a fine attention to detail.

Her final project, ‘Trashiful: Reborn to a Second Chance’, has been inspired by satellite images of the Earth, which despite being inspirational and compelling, also links places that have been environmentally affected by our consumption and disposal methods. In her collection, she examines the possibilities of upcycling billboard vinyl and HDPE bottles to create wearable art accessories and insertion panels for fashion and/or costume design.


Caption: Pieces from Helena Casas’ Trashiful: Reborn to a Second Chance

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