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Free access to work-ready IT skills for UK colleges’ students and apprentices through to the end of 2020

“It’s a practical way to celebrate #LoveOurColleges week and acknowledge the tireless work colleges do for their students and their communities” explains Ricky Doyle, CEO of Practice Labs. 

Practice Labs, the IT competency hub, is reopening complimentary access to its virtual live lab environment for UK colleges’ IT students and apprentices. 

The support colleges provide to individuals looking to skill, upskill and reskill is unrivalled – particularly during the COVID-19 outbreak”, says CEO, Ricky Doyle. 

Hands-on experiential training is the most effective way to reinforce theoretical learningAnd for IT students in particular, having the opportunity to experiment with the same equipment they will be using in the workplace can boost their confidence and help improve their employability. 

We first provided free support package to colleges during full lockdown, but meeting student needs – both on and off campus – remains a struggle for some. By extending a support package to the end of 2020, not only are we marking #CollegesWeek, we’re also recognising the incredible work our colleges do all year round and the important contribution they make to individuals, communities and the UK economy”. 

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